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    Official: VW issues orders for police version of e-Golf

    If the Toyota Prius could be used (in fiction, anyway) as a quiet way to do a drive-by shooting, then a pure electric vehicle should have some silent benefits for the police. It's happening in the real world thanks to the new police-spec VW e-Golf. On display at an international police equipment ...

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    Two Wheels: Zero gets electric motorcycles ready for police duty in Hong Kong

    Zero officially became many as the maker of electric motorcycles had its largest single-fleet sale to the city of Hong Kong. The company, Zero Motorcycles, is distributing its bikes in eastern Asia through Yuen Ho Trading Co. (you didn't expect the Tesla Motors sales model, did you?) and sold 59 ...

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    Official: Juice flows to new 2013 Zero Motorcycles Police Model [w/video]

    Any "CHiPs" fanatic who has ever wondered what it'd be like for Ponch and Jon to not have to yell over their Kawasaki bike engines, it's Zero Motorcycles to the rescue. The California-based maker of electric-powered motorcycles made a version of its DS available for police work last year and is ...

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    Review: BYD adding to Shenzen's city fleet with 500 e6 electric police cars

    Chinese electric carmaker BYD has won a contract to supply 500 E6 pure electric police cars to the city of Shenzen, China. For BYD, the deal signifies that the "promotion of BYD new energy vehicles has reached a new height." The BYD e6 can reach a maximum speed of 140 kilometers per hour (about ...

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    Report: Justin Bieber pulled over in chrome Fisker Karma while running from paparazzi [w/video]

    If you don't want to be hounded by men and women lugging cameras, perhaps it's best not to drive around in an extremely conspicuous-in-chrome Fisker Karma sporting a strip of purple LED lights under the grille. It's kinda hard to miss... That observation aside, Justin Bieber was recently pulled ...

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    Official: Ford Police Interceptor line gets official EPA fuel economy ratings

    Police forces didn't care much about fuel economy back in the early days of the Ford Crown Victoria, but these days, efficiency is front and center for cash-strapped municipalities. The cost of fuel keeps rising and cities continue to cut their budgets, so one or two miles per gallon might make ...

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    Official: Carbon Motors' $310 million DOE loan for police-car production rejected

    Carbon Motors, maker of the purpose-built E7 police car, won't receive the $310 million in U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) loans under the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) program that it applied for almost three years ago, and said that it's a victim of politics. "We are ...

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    Official: Vauxhall Ampera amps up for police duty at Scotland Yard

    Americans have our own ideas about what a police cruiser should be: big, fast, menacing. The kind of vehicle that you can't mistake pulling up behind you on the freeway, and with enough muscle to chase you down should your foot get a little heavier than it should. But overseas, police vehicles ...

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    Anti-idle technology could be huge savings for police forces

    Dodge Charger police car – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Let's face it, for most police cruisers it's a hurry up and wait kind of existence. A study by the police in Ottawa, Canada found that most cruisers sit with the engine idling for about 6.7 hours out of every 10-hour shift. ...

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    City services hit hard by gas prices

    Police vehicles, city buses, garbage trucks and the like all use fuel at an alarming rate. When gas prices are as high as they are they begin to put a serious damper on city budgets. In fact, out of 132 mayors surveyed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, ninety percent of them indicate that their ...

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    France to increase pollution control patrols

    In France, if you don't keep your car properly maintained, watch out. If your car pollutes too much, the police can fine you between €45 and 68 ($70-105 US). The police are even equipped with mobile pollution testers that have a CO (carbon monoxide) detector for gasoline vehicles and an ...

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    Palm Bay Police Chief bans patrol cars from idling

    High fuel prices have surely altered most consumer's driving habits. The gas crunch has gotten bad enough that even police units have found it necessary to change their routines. For instance, in Palm Bay, Florida, Police Chief William Berger has banned officers from allowing their patrol cars to ...

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    Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis: Chicago Police should have SUVs

    When newly-appointed Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis was given an open floor at a Chicago Crime Commission luncheon held in his honor, he suggested that he would like to see Chicago's aging fleet of Ford Crown Victoria police cars replaced with Chevrolet Tahoe's. He noted that the four-wheel-drive ...

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    T3 personal mobility stand-up trike suited for police patrols

    Spotted outside at the Orange County Auto Show Wednesday was the T3 personal mobility vehicle.Made by T3 Motion, the T3 is designed for police patrols and other security scenarios where horses, bicycles or cruisers aren't effective. The T3 three-wheeler offers enhanced visibility from its 8-inch ...

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    Northern Illinois University police gives Prius glowing review

    The Northern Illinois University police department's vehicle fleet has transformed itself over the last few years from a standard Crown Vic dominated fleet into a fuel sipping fleet consisting of Toyota Prius hybrids. The NIU police started testing hybrids in 2004, and now hybrids make up eighty ...

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    Police finding it harder to serve with higher gas prices

    Uh, oh. Here's an effect from high gas prices that adds urgency to resolving the issue. The Lenawee County Sheriff's Department in Michigan got hit hard by the high gas prices caused by Hurricane Katrina last year. According to Sheriff Larry Richardson, the department will run through its budget by ...

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    DCX introduces first fuel cell police car to North America

    It's not going to be participating in any high-speed vehicle chases, but Daimler-Chrysler's fuel cell police car will be carrying out other police bussiness for Wayne State's University Police Department in Detroit. Wayne State University is already a maverick, since it's the first school where ...


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