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    Study: Governments support EVs not for eco benefits, but for jobs

    Economists have long argued that there's no better medicine for an ailing economy than a good old-fashioned war. Now, some analysts are arguing that the nascent plug-in vehicle industry is fulfilling the same purpose. Job creation, and not environmental benefits, is the primary reason why many ...

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    Report: Fisker might have received complete $529m loan under Paul Ryan's plan

    Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan might have supported full disbursement of the U.S. Energy Department's planned $529 million loan to extended-range plug-in vehicle maker Fisker Automotive. Then again, he might not have. Ah, politics. Recently, Ryan has joined fellow Republicans ...

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    Video: Fisker's DOE loan is new right-wing political target of 'wasteful spending'

    Is conservative ire at plug-in cars shifting (slowly) from the Chevrolet Volt to Fisker Automotive? A new attack ad targeting President Obama certainly brings the California-based automaker further into the political fight – following Fisker ex-chair's comments about Mitt Romney – by ...

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    Presidential politics and the price of gas, a quadrennial plea for votes

    In 2008, when Democrats were suggesting President Bush was causing America's then-high gas prices, Fox News went to the mat to support their Commander in Chief, repeatedly explaining why the President can't really control gas prices. Media Matters has collected some of these clips into a ...

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    Report: Wards: Volt is a symbol of headwinds against U.S. innovation

    , How's this for incendiary? General Motors' Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in is illustrative of how technological innovation, especially in the transportation sector, is quashed by political partisanship. That's the take of Wards Auto's Drew Winter, as expressed in this editorial. In ...

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    Accusations of "another Solyndra" pull the plug on new vehicle chargers in small town

    With a population of around 14,000, Mill Valley, CA is too big to be called a one-horse town. The real question is whether it will become a two-EV charging station town. That question that was up for consideration at the September meeting of the Mill Valley town council. The city's planning ...

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    Could ethanol subsidies affect Rick Perry's presidential bid?

    Presidential candidates are expected to have a position on the subsidies provided in the production of corn-based ethanol. With 41 percent of America's corn crop going into making the oil-alternative, it's an issue that's very important to both farmers and the biofuel industry. However, with many ...

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    Why the Senate ethanol vote is less than it seems

    It's not often that you find environmental writers applauding the actions of Republicans in the Senate, but when 40 Republicans joined 33 Democrats in a bipartisan vote to shut down funding for ethanol subsidies earlier this month, even some on the left were cheering. However, those cheers may be ...

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    New study shows killed Florida High Speed Rail would have been money maker

    Last week newly-elected Florida Governor Rick Scott turned down $2.4 billion in Federal money for a high speed rail project despite knowledge of a newly revealed Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) study that forecast the venture would net a $10 million surplus in its very first year of ...

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    Al Gore admits supporting corn ethanol subsidies was a mistake

    Former Vice President and presidential candidate Al Gore has changed his stance concerning ethanol. As vice president, Gore created subsidies for corn-based ethanol. The move, it turns out, was aimed more towards garnering votes for his upcoming presidential run than doing what's best for the ...

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    The changing politics of climate change, and how they could hurt green cars

    Newsweek writer Stefan Theil makes a convincing argument that the political world has become blasé about the issue of climate change, and that has far-reaching effects. In 2007, you couldn't throw a rock without hitting a politician who made reducing CO2 levels or another green issue a top ...

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    Bid to block California's A.B. 32 emission standards funded by big oil

    California plans to implement an emissions control law called Assembly Bill 32 in 2012. The law grants the state the rights to set emission standards and implement greenhouse gas guidelines. Additionally, the state will be able to promote alternative fuels and technologies by way of rebates and ...

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    More information about Renault's EV project in Spain

    Not long ago, Spain launched a wishlist of plans to make the country greener. It included a target of one million hybrid, plug-in and all-EV cars on roads by 2015. This is where Renault arrived with its projects around the world regarding EVs (Denmark, Portugal and Israel). But, Nissan's plant in ...

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    Kentucky politicians gone wild wooing ZAP! factory

    There has been quite a political theater circus happening in Kentucky this past week. Democrats and Republicans have been tripping all over themselves to hold press conferences with the owner of a potential ZAP! factory as well as clear the legal roadblocks that currently bar certain three-wheeled ...

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    House passes energy tax bill, White House threatens veto

    The House of Representatives passed the energy tax bill yesterday. The White House has threatened to veto the bill, but this one probably won't make it as far as the president's desk. Other bills similar to this energy tax bill died in the Senate but with $102 barrels of oil and $4 gallon of gas ...

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    $2,500 "gas guzzler fee" bill pulled from California's assembly amid opposition

    California Assemblyman, Ira Ruskin has withdrawn a bill that would have put a one-time fee of $2,500 on the sale price of new gas guzzlers. If it made it into law, it would have been American's first feebate law, which would also provide a rebate of $2,500 for green cars. Ira has tried to enact a ...

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    McLaughlin predicts gas cars will be gone in 50 years

    The Thanksgiving episode (Nov. 23) of The McLaughlin Group had a lot to say about green transport. Topics such as the big three fighting with oil companies over ethanol and obesity as a reason for SUVs were talked about but the most important question was will gas cars be replaced? As you can see ...

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    Video: Hillary Clinton says she changed position on ethanol because transportation cost is no longer a factor

    digg_url = ''; In the above video, Hillary explains her shift from voting against ethanol to supporting it in her energy plan. Hillary says she voted against ethanol on behalf of her constituents because ...

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    Obama: Clinton made a "major reversal" on ethanol

    Barack Obama says that now that Hillary Clinton has changed from an anti-ethanol position to one supporting ethanol in her new energy plan, she might switch back under pressure. Here's what he said:It's hard to believe that she is a strong ethanol supporter given her track record and this is ...

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    Hillary Clinton to unveil energy plan Monday morning, or Tuesday

    Hillary Clinton's energy plan is expected today or tomorrow according to Grist. Hillary is widely seen as the Democratic front runner, so this energy plan will be considered by the media more than any other. What's Hillary's fuel economy standard? What does Hillary have to say about ethanol? We ...


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