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    Official: The new, old Popemobile Renault 4 is biofuel ready

    While it's not a Popemobile in the traditional, bubble-shaped sense, Pope Francis now has a car that is not only humble and non-ostentatious but also might go over well with an environmental activist. The pope was given a 1984 Renault 4 that can run on biofuel. Fr. Renzo Zocca gave the pope his ...

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    Report: Pope's given Vatican's first electric car by NWG Auto [w/video]

    The Vatican City's about a fifth of a square mile in total, so it's not like range anxiety will be an issue. That's one upshot of the Pope recently being given the Vatican's first-ever electric vehicle. NWG Auto did the honors, donating Pope Benedict XVI an NWG Zero for what it says is his ...

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    Report: Pope reps talk to Mercedes about more fuel-efficient Popemobile

    Representatives for Pope Benedict XVI continue to talk to Mercedes-Benz about making a custom-made vehicle that could use a hybrid or battery-electric powertrain to make what's commonly known as the Popemobile more fuel efficient, The Detroit Bureau reports. The German automaker is faced ...

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    Plug-in hybrid Mercedes-Benz M-Class Popemobile in the works?

    A pure electric vehicle has been deemed too slow, but some type of the electrified SUV will soon replace the Popemobile used to transport His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI. Vatican officials have reportedly confirmed the details of Pope Benedict's ride: a Mercedes-Benz M-Class plug-in hybrid. With ...

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    Pope Benedict wants... solar-powered electric Popemobile?

    Pope Benedict XVI is quickly becoming known as the "Green Pope." During his time at the top of the Catholic Church, His Holiness has made a point to preach sustainable energy, and he's backed up his words with actions. In 2008, photovoltaic cells were installed on the roof of a Vatican ...

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    Can driving greener get you into heaven? Vatican says sure

    The first hints that low-mpg cars were sinful in the eyes of the Catholic Church came last fall, when a spokesman for Pope Benedict XVI confirmed that the Pope would use an April 2008 address to the UN as a way to speak to the moral implications of living a greener life. Today, the Vatican has gone ...


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