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power plant

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    Official: New EPA clean coal plant rules would cut CO2 emissions in half

    This summer, President Obama called for cleaner coal power plants and started what critics called the "War on Coal." Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made it official by proposing new pollution standards for new power plants under the Clean Air Act. The agency also announced it ...

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    Curiosity: Report says we have 35x more HP in our driveways than our power plants

    It may not be a particularly glamorous definition of the automobile, but it's true on some level that cars and trucks are individual little power generators on wheels, a fact pointed out here by WIRED staff writer Alexis Madrigal. Interestingly, when viewed in that light, the United States has an ...

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    Biodiesel, waste-processing plants to power each other

    One of the common complaints by naysayers of ethanol and other alternative fuels is that fossil fuels are still needed to either manufacture the alternate energy source (i.e., diesel tractors to harvest corn) or generate it (i.e., coal-burning power plant to make the electricity to fuel an electric ...


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