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    Report: Tesla's Musk says Obama win means good things for plug-in vehicles

    That gift horse? Elon Musk ain't looking it in the mouth. The Tesla Motors chief appears to be pretty happy about last week's presidential election results, saying that four more years of President Barack Obama likely means more electric vehicle (EV) production, Reuters reports. More newsworthy, ...

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    House narrowly passes scaled-back 'Cash-for-Clunkers' legislation

    After the House and Senate agreed on the terms of a cut-down version of the Cash for Clunkers legislation, it passed the house on Tuesday by a narrow margin (226-202) after being added as a supplemental appropriations bill to continue funding the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.Per the previous ...

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    Obama outlines high-speed rail plan for U.S.

    President Obama today outlined a plan to build regional high-speed rail routes in the United States. Cross-country trips will still be conducted best in a plane or as a road trip, but options to go from Detroit to Chicago, for example, would include the new trains that can go up to 110 mph. The ...

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    Obama to Detroit: What do you need? Detroit to Obama: Money.

    The two major U.S. presidential candidates, Barrack Obama and John McCain, have both expressed an interest in investing Federal money into green automotive technology. Although both men have differing ideas about what may be the best way to move forward, it's becoming clear that green automotive ...

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    T. Boone Pickens continues his bad energy news tour, wants to be a player in the fall election

    Andrew Littlefair (left) and T. Boone Pickens in Las Vegas in MayThere was a lot of interest in my post about oil (and wind and natural gas) man T. Boone Pickens' presentation at the AFVI Expo last month. So, when I saw a new press release titled, "Boone Pickens: U.S. in Energy Crisis," I figured ...

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    Obama says "Yes, we can" to hybrid Hummers

    Leading presidential candidate Barack Obama earmarked $1 million for research on turning Hummers into hybrids. The earmark money will go to the Illinois Institute of Technology (Obama just happens to be the senator from Illinois) for the development of a cost-effective hybrid conversion kit. These ...

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    It's Friday: Daily Show explains why gas prices are so high

    On a recent episode of the Daily Show, the spike and price of a barrel of oil was explained (see videos below the fold). The comedy news show's explanation includes $15 of the $104 for a barrel of oil going towards trying to convince the public that the oil companies are not raping the environment. ...

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    President Bush describes the beginning of a "new era" of green transportation equal to the Model-T

    President Bush gave a great speech (see video below the fold) at the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference yesterday. Bush started the speech by joking about the length of the conference's name and his large motorcade. He quickly became serious, however, saying we have to "get off ...

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    White House: President Bush wasn't joking, no one told him about $4/gal gas predictions

    Two days ago, we told you President Bush said he was unaware some analysts were predicting $4 for a gallon of gas in the U.S.. The day before Bush made those remarks, White House press secretary Dana Perino was actually asked about gas prices and she said "we're mindful of it." Yesterday, when ...

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    Videos: Ratan Tata, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Mitt Romney

    We told you there are concerns Tata Motor's Nano will drive up oil prices. What does Tata chairman Ratan Tata think about this? In the first video below the fold, Ratan laughs it off. We told you Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, former Shell chairman said low MPG cars should be banned. Want to see Mark say ...

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    Video: President Bush says continue investing in advanced battery, renewable fuels in his last SOTU

    Last night, in his last State of the Union address, President George Bush said "let us continue investing in advanced battery technology and renewable fuels to power the cars and trucks of the future." You can see for yourself in the video above. We will have more on this later but from what he ...

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    Video: Huckabee on a Segway

    Leading presidential candidate Mike Huckabee took a ride on a Segway recently, as you can see in the video above. He goes about 0.0000005 MPH while someone holds him and someone else actually screams "moving forward." I am assuming his handlers wanted to avoid the photo-op and headline "Huckabee ...

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    White House may increase CAFE for SUVs

    In a December 6 White House press briefing, press secretary Dana Perino said the White House has a proposal for a new increase in the CAFE standard for light trucks and SUVs. The president has full control of the CAFE standard for light trucks (which includes SUVs but not passenger cars) and has ...

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    Energy bill vote delayed, CAFE back on the table

    What did I tell ya? The great photo above is of Bush and Dingell from 2005 but it could have been two days ago. According to the Detroit News, the House has delayed the energy bill vote. As we reported, CAFE is largely settled and even Toyota has come out in support of the new agreement. Trouble ...

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    White House threatens to veto energy bill again

    Recently we reported that the CAFE issue was largely settled in the energy bill. On CSPAN Monday, Edmund Andrews of the New York Times even dared to say Dingell "lost." Do not underestimate the power of the Dingell side, you have no idea of the power he possesses. Don't believe me? Let's keep in ...

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    Fred Thompson: there are no hybrids in NASCAR

    Actor and presidential hopeful Fred Thompson made a joke about Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney that included a reference to hybrids and NASCAR. At first, Fred made a joke equating Democrats to NASCAR (because they only turn left) and commented America was not ready to "turn over the keys" to the ...

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    White House Thanksgiving turkeys delivered by Flex Fuel Ford running on E85

    digg_url = ''; The traditional pardoned White House turkeys were delivered by a Flex Fuel Ford F-150 running on E85. The turkeys were named "May" and "Flower" and not "the names the Vice President suggested, which was ...

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    John Edwards says he will revive EVs, attacks Hillary on ethanol

    In an interview with TechCrunch, presidential hopeful John Edwards says he will bring the electric car back from the dead. John says there is a trend of having America develop technologies like the electric car only to have other countries lead on deploying and marketing. Many candidates have ...

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    Video: Hillary Clinton says she changed position on ethanol because transportation cost is no longer a factor

    digg_url = ''; In the above video, Hillary explains her shift from voting against ethanol to supporting it in her energy plan. Hillary says she voted against ethanol on behalf of her constituents because ...

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    Hillary Clinton's energy plan calls for 55 MPG, $10,000 PHEV tax credit and much more

    Hillary Clinton's energy plan includes a fuel efficiency standard of 55 MPG by 2030. For comparison, Edwards proposes 40 MPG by 2016, Bill Richardson 50 MG by 2020 and Obama 40 MPG by 2016 but with a 4 percent increase each year. The Energy Bill, currently being debated, may be 35 MPG by 2020. ...


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