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prius fighter

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    Report: New Ford dedicated hybrid due in 2018, will it fare better than C-Max?

    Everyone likes to go after the champ. When it comes to fuel economy, that means taking on the Prius, which is something that automakers not named Toyota have been trying to do for years. Just because no one has been able to beat the Prius for fuel economy numbers isn't stopping them from trying. ...

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    REPORT: GM's rumored 53 mpg Prius fighter canceled

    You can bet that automakers the world over are watching intently as the redesigned Honda Insight fails to mount a serious threat to Toyota's global hybrid dominance in the U.S. market. That would include General Motors, which was rumored to have a dedicated-hybrid Prius fighter in the works for its ...

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    Spy Shots: Honda's hybrid-only Prius fighter!

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the new Honda HybridHonda has acknowledged that not having an instantly-recognizable hybrid-only model since the demise of the Insight (still modern-looking today) has taken a toll. While the company offers the Civic Hybrid, that car lacks the green cachet that ...


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