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    You may have to wait a while to get a 2010 Ford Fusion hybrid

    One of the highlights of the redesigned Ford Fusion that will debut in less than two weeks is the new hybrid model. The new Fusions, along with the Mercury Milan and Lincoln MKZ, will start production in December shortly after the LA Auto Show at Ford's Hermosillo, Mexico assembly plant. In spite ...

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    New York 2008: will Prius sales make up for slowing Tundra sales?

    At the New York Auto Show, Toyota U.S. General Manager Bob Carter spoke with Bloomberg about high fuel prices and the full-size truck market (see video below the fold). Carter said "we are not immune to what the current market conditions are and many full-size truck owners are delaying their ...

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    GM: the battery is not the problem with EVs, it's everything else!

    digg_url = ''; GM chimed in on the "why is the EV (electric car) so hard to make discussion?" in the Detroit News today. Toyota has said battery production is the biggest hurdle. GM, on the other hand, says that batteries are important ...

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    Toyota: there is "no way" we can sell more Priuses than last year

    Toyota says hybrid sales will be lower in 2008 than 2007, not because people don't want them, but because Toyota simply can't make any more. Bob Carter, general manager of Toyota Division, told Ad Age, that Toyota sold 181,000 Priuses in 2007 and that's simply the best they can do right now: "We ...

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    Toyota tells Popular Mechanics battery production is the "biggest hurdle" to plug-in cars

    How high on the list of things keeping us from plug-in electric cars do you put the "quality production of batteries?" According to Popular Mechanics, Toyota puts it right up top, ahead of even battery chemistry. Here is exactly what the article says:A source inside Toyota tells PM that getting the ...

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    Should we ban the catalytic converter?

    The catalytic converter is a good example of engineering our way to cleaner cars. What am I saying? It may be the single, shinning, GREAT example of green car technology. That little thing that fits in your exhaust pipe has kept pollution out of the air since its introduction in 1975. Heck, in the ...

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    Most Mercedes-Benz Frankfurt alternative fuel vehicles will see production

    Last week in Frankfurt, Mercedes-Benz showed off a flurry of alternative fuel and drive vehicles of various types. Of the eighteen vehicles shown, seventeen of them will be in production by 2010 with at least a half dozen of those coming to the US market. The only one that won't hit the streets by ...

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    Biodiesel startup Planetary Fuels set for lift off

    Planetary Fuels, a Seattle, Washington-based biodiesel startup, has filed to set up their first production facility outside of Seattle which includes the installation of tankage with a combined capacity of 442,000 gallons. The plant should produce around 6 million gallons of biodiesel per annum ...

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    Australian Biodiesel Group finding local market tough

    Australia's largest biodiesel producer, Australian Biodiesel Group, has announced that it is looking to raise AUD$15.9 million (US$12.4 million) to launch a new business plan after a difficult year in 2006. The money will be via a rights issue at 5c per share which values the company significantly ...

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    Brazil moves mandatory B5 target forward to 2010

    Brazil has already proved themselves to be an aggressive supporter of ethanol, and currently produces more of the renewable petrol substitute than any other country. Now they're looking to biodiesel as another way to produce a renewable, locally produced fuel. With a significant biodiesel industry ...

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    September sets another ethanol production record, sales also strong

    The September U.S. sales figures have just been released by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), and ethanol keeps going from strength to strength. The industry produced 333,000 barrels of ethanol per day which is a new production record. Demand though was even stronger at 380,000 barrels ...

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    Toyota gunning for No. 1

    GM, the world's largest auto maker, has held the top slot for about 75 years now, but according to analysts Toyota has been on track to knock GM off its pedestal ever since they passed Ford in 2003. The only question is when. It may not be a question much longer if the Japanese newspaper Nihon ...

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    Overview of hybrid challenges

    For those of you that like to know the details of what goes in to a hybrid vehicle, Assembly Magazine has a very thorough overview of many of the challenges involved in designing, building and marketing hybrid vehicles. The article describes in detail the expected market trends and the plans for ...

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    Shell invests in coal to diesel in Australia

    Australian Bus and Coach reports Shell is investing in a coal to diesel plant which could eventually produce 60,000 barrels of diesel a day from Victoria brown coal. Victoria's Latrobe Valley provides easy access to brown coal, which makes it an attractive site for a coal to diesel plant. The plant ...


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