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    Report: Ghosn: 'We are getting there' on making Nissan Leaf profitable
    CEO Says The Tide Is Turning 1412272800

    After 19 months in a row of record sales in the US, the money picture for the Nissan Leaf is steadily improving. To date (well, until the end of September), Nissan has sold 63,944 Leaf EVs in the US and a total of around 140,000 globally. The company produces the electric vehicle in three ...

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    Report: BMW, Sixt carsharing making money most places

    The DriveNow carsharing service, which is a partnership between BMW and Sixt, is growing quite rapidly. "We've been surprised about the explosion of new subscriptions, which has helped boost revenue," says Sixt CEO Erich Sixt. The number of DriveNow users has increased from 215,000 at the end of ...

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    Official: Tesla posts first quarterly profit; Model S becomes best-selling plug-in car in US (probably)

    Julie Christie, the rumors are true. After plenty of hint-dropping over the past few months, Tesla officially released 2013 first quarter (Q1) financial details today, and it was the first quarter in which the ten-year-old company was actually profitable. CEO Elon Musk, speaking on a conference ...

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    Report: Tesla stock sale nets Abu Dhabi $113 million

    Talk about hedging your bets. Abu Dhabi National Energy (TAQA), which is majority owned by the emirate, netted $113 million from selling its seven percent stake in Tesla Motors recently, Arab News reports. Abu Dhabi, which gets most of its wealth from oil, doubled its investment in the Bay ...

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    Zipcar now profitable

    It's great when a business has a model that provides a service at benefit to the environment. It's even better when that business also turns a profit. Zipcar reported its third quarter financials this week. If you only looked at the resulting change in the stock price, you might think that ...

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    Ford's Fields to explain plan for making money on small cars

    As the U.S. market finally makes the inexorable shift to more rationally-sized cars, Ford's President for the Americas, Mark Fields, will explain how his company plans to make money with smaller cars. Ford will apparently focus on doing what might seem intuitively obvious to some, but has not ...

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    Low oil production means more profit for Exxon

    Recently we told you about oil execs explaining to congress how $123 billion in profits should entitle them to an additional $18 billion in the form of subsidies. I realize many of you out there have a lot of sympathy for their position and have spent the intervening time hounding your ...

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    DaimlerChrysler 2006 financial results highlight $7.0 billion of R&D

    DaimlerChrysler has published its preliminary Group and divisional results for the year 2006 revealing that the organisation spent $7.0 billion for the year on research and development. This figure was down from $7.5 billion in the previous year but included the further development of powertrain ...

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    Cargill profit jumps 34 percent on back of biofuels surge

    Cargill Inc., the largest agricultural company in the U.S. and a major player internationally, has announced a massive jump in their second-quarter profits of 34 percent on the back of gains in shipping, trading and processing grains and oilseeds. Net income in the three months to November 30 was ...

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    High oil prices not going away in 2007

    The record oil prices, peaking at US$79.45 a barrel, that were seen in 2006 are not expected to be repeated in the coming year but prices will remain high though 2007, reports. The price will still be high enough though to annoy motorists and bring in fat profits for the oil companies. ...


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