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    Report: What does the open patents deal mean for Tesla ... and BMW?

    Gift to the world or trade bait? Tesla Motors announced this week it would open its patents for other automakers to use. That has analysts guessing whether the California-based electric-vehicle maker is looking to either swap trade secrets with other automakers or to expand the proverbial pie ...

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    Featured: BMW i3 tries to be the answer for a changing world [w/video]

    The production version of the BMW i3 was unveiled Monday at three simultaneous events in New York City, London and Beijing. Given that the i3 grew out a BMW electric vehicle project called Megacity, the urban debut locations make a lot of sense. Since BMW literally spent years researching urban ...

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    Exclusive: BMW's Herbert Diess: i3 plug-in launch is "revolutionizing," driving is "just great fun"

    Just how hard is it to change direction in a BMW? While driving one of the company's vehicles, you'll find little disagreement that it can be easy, even quite pleasurable. But if you're trying to change the direction of the company itself – making the idea of driving fun play nice with fuel ...

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    REPORT: BMW to focus on premium, upmarket EVs

    BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    BMW is known for offering premium automobiles and motorcycles here in the United States, so it comes as little surprise that the German automaker would plan to produce premium electric vehicles as well. According to ...


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