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    Study: One in seven trucks will be alt-fuel by 2035

    More natural gas. Less diesel. That's a quick synopsis of a study by Navigant Research on future fueling trends for trucks. Powertrains that are either plug-in or run on natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (i.e. propane or autogas) represent a small minority of global medium- and heavy-duty ...

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    Official: UPS expands green fleet with 1,000 propane trucks

    "Brown" continues to try to get all the more "green" via propane. UPS, known for its famous brown vehicles, is adding to its fleet of alt-fuel trucks with an additional 1,000 propane-powered delivery trucks that will start going into service in the middle of this year in rural areas in Louisiana ...

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    Official: Number of autogas stations quietly growing in US to almost 3,000

    Alliance AutoGas has announced the installation of its 600th autogas (a.k.a. propane) refueling station in the US this month. That's about 21 percent of the 2,842 total propane autogas stations now in the US, according to US Department of Energy data. The Alliance AutoGas industry organization ...

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    Official: DOE funding 20 Clean Cities projects with alt-fuel infrastructure

    The US Department of Energy is funding 20 new projects to support states and local governments in streamlining the infrastructure needed for alternative fuel vehicles to thrive. Working through the DOE's Clean Cities initiative, these projects could help governments and other stakeholders cut red ...

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    Propane-powered Maxximus LNG 2000 sets three new world speed records

    It may not fit everyone's definition of green, but the supercar you see above did manage to hit 134 miles per hour in the quarter mile without burning a drop of gasoline. The 1,600+ horsepower, carbon-fiber-bodied Maxximus LNG 2000 can burn propane (a fossil fuel, also known as LPG), and it did ...

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    Official: GM introduces new bi-fuel Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra during 2012 Work Truck Show week

    The 2012 Work Truck Show is going on in Indianapolis this week, and that brings with it a helping of alternative-powered truck news. The first is General Motor's news about two new bi-fuel, CNG- and gas-powered trucks, the 2013 Chevrolet Silverado and the 2013 GMC Sierra 2500 HD. Both of these ...

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    Confiscated drug money used to convert sherrif's vehicles to propane autogas

    A small law enforcement fleet in North Carolina converting gas-guzzling vehicles to run on propane autogas isn't exactly national news, but what we have here is also a candidate for the classic "News of the Weird" column. Why? Because sheriff Phillip Redmond of Iredell County, NC has converted 13 ...

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    Roush recalling 286 propane-fueled Ford E-Series over injector issue

    Only 286 Model Year 2007 to 2011 units are thought to be affected by a recall issued by the NHTSA, but when the vehicles in question are the converted-by-Roush, propane-fueled Ford E-Series vans, 286 units turns out to be quite a lot. Roush has announced it's recalling some of its converted ...

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    Autogas still out there promoting itself as greener, cheaper alternative to gasoline

    Georgia energy provider LP Gas Holding Company has partnered with nationwide network Alliance AutoGas for "affordable," American-made propane autogas. Alliance says autogas is the answer in these unpredictable times. Why? Well, according to Alliance, autogas is easier on the environment while ...

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    Alternative fuel consumption steady in 2009

    The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that consumption of alternative fuels in the transportation sector stayed put in 2009, with use coming in at 431,107 thousand gasoline-equivalent gallons (yes, that's the metric used), compared to 430,329 thousand gasoline-equivalent ...

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    Alliance AutoGas teams with Gulfport's Coast Transit Authority, Nantucket Energy

    The Coast Transit Authority (CTA) of Gulfport, MS, as well as Nantucket Energy Corporation, partnered with nationwide network Alliance AutoGas to convert a portion of their fleet of public vehicles over to clean-burning propane autogas. CTA says that autogas is the most cost-efficient alternative ...

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    Icom's bi-fuel propane-diesel system boosts fuel efficiency, reduces emissions

    Later this year, Icom North America will make its bi-fuel liquid-injection propane system available to owners of diesel-powered vehicles in the U.S. Icom's JTG-Dynamic System enables vehicles to run on either pure diesel or a 50/50 mix of liquid propane and diesel. Perhaps surprisingly, Icom ...

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    Study: Argonne makes the case for a propane-powered automotive future

    In the alternative energy vehicle category, the choices run the gamut from battery-powered and solar, to diesel, wind-driven and everything in between. Though often overlooked, propane-powered vehicles also make the exhaustive list of alt-energy vehicles. Propane-powered vehicles are often ...

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    General Motors to offer factory CNG or LPG full-size vans

    Starting this fall, commercial fleet customers will be able to order full-size GMC Savana and Chevrolet Express vans with either compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquified petroleum gas (LPG) fuel systems. The CNG/LPG vans will be delivered direct from the factory with the gaseous fuel systems and ...

  • AFVI 2010: Autogas for America says "Go propane LPG autogas!"

    What's in a word? The new group Autogas for America thinks that the word "propane" needs a rewrite when it comes to using it for propulsion (don't tell Dixie Chopper). The new word of choice (if the group's name doesn't give it away) is autogas, which is what propane used for cars is called in ...

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    EPA wants to make it easier for fleets to get off gas

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to make it easier for companies that sell fuel conversion systems to do so. Conversion systems allow vehicles originally intended to run on gasoline or petroleum diesel to run on an alternative fuel, typically naturals gas or propane, alcohol or ...

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    EPA certifies new propane injection systems for Ford and GM

    Two of the leading producers of propane-injection systems for light-duty and medium-duty vehicles – Cleanfuel USA and Roush – have received Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval for their new-vehicle systems. Cleanfuel USA announced EPA certification of their new liquid ...

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    CARB approves Roush's propane-powered Ford F-250 and F-350

    In April 2009, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved the Ford F-150 that Roush converted to burn propane for sale in California. This was the last step in allowing the Livonia, MI-based company to sell the trucks in all 50 states. CARB technically only regulates vehicles within its ...

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    Ford E-Series vans now available with Roush propane system

    For some time now, Livonia, Michigan-based Roush engineering has been selling Ford F-series pickup trucks converted to run on either propane or both propane and gasoline. Availability of that conversion has now been expanded to include Ford's full-size E-series vans. The conversions are popular ...

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    Roush engineering building propane-powered Mustang drag racers

    Jack Roush is involved in a variety of enterprises, several of which involve building very fast Ford powered vehicles. His Roush Engineering business also does a lot of prototype build and development work for its client companies. Most recently, Roush has been building propane-fueled conversions ...


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