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    Official: Proterra sets electric bus distance record, goes 700 miles in 24 hours

    When you think about electric vehicles with which to set distance records, transit buses probably aren't the first things that spring to mind. Yet, that's exactly what Proterra used to set a new high-water mark of 700-miles-in-24-hours recently and, upon some reflection, it makes a whole lot of ...

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    Official: Former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood joins electric bus maker Proterra

    Ray LaHood had a lot on his plate when he was the US Secretary of Transportation. Whether it was distracted driving, cash for clunkers or troubles with Toyota, LaHood was at the helm of the DOT during a tumultuous time. Now that he's been away from the post for half a year, he's ready to get back ...

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    Report: Proterra slams Long Beach for giving electric bus contract to China's BYD

    While the city of Long Beach, CA, could pit BYD and Proterra electric buses against each other in a race along the city's famed Long Beach Grand Prix route to determine the winner of the municipality's new bus contract, we know that's not going to happen. Instead, the city is debating its ...

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    Official: Electric-bus maker Proterra gets $23 million in latest financing round

    This fast-charging bus maker got some fast money, as Proterra has raised $23 million in a recent round of equity financing. Proterra, which says it makes the world's first battery electric bus built especially for fast chargers, has tripled orders of its EcoRide model within the past year. For ...

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    Video: Proterra Ecoliner electric bus stops by Jay Leno's Garage

    Jay Leno's Garage is teaming with electricity now that the Proterra Ecoliner electric transit bus has arrived. The lithium-titanate-powered Ecoliner could well be the type of bus that will revolutionize mass transit. It incorporates elements of Formula One, tank technology and regenerative ...

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    Proterra's electric EcoRide buses will recharge Florida's StarMetro service, quickly

    Let the electric bus revolution begin. Tallahassee, Florida transit authority StarMetro has ordered three EcoRide electric urban transit buses and a single quick-charge station from South Carolina firm Proterra. The project, funded by a $5-million grant from the Federal Transit Administration, ...

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    GM invests $6 million in electric bus manufacturer Proterra

    General Motors Ventures has announced that it will invest $6 million in Proterra, a manufacturer of battery-electric commercial transit buses. GM Ventures is part of an investment group, led by venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, that will fork over a total of $30 million ...

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    Proterra sells electric buses, fast-chargers to Foothill Transit [w/video]

    Proterra BE35 all-electric bus – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Mass transit can be a great way to get around a city, allowing you to either leave your car parked or forgo vehicle ownership altogether (David Suzuki would approve). Now, Proterra is removing the nasty diesel smoke ...

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    Zero-emission Proterra electric bus comes to Capitol Hill

    Proterra electric bus – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Altair Nanotechnologies has not had a completely successful string of events these last few years. They lost more money than expected in 2007 and were not always embraced by the investment community. But there was good news, ...

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    Proterra electric bus gets over 20 MPGe in tests

    The Pennsylvania Transportation Institute at Penn State just had the chance to put the Proterra electric bus through some fuel economy tests in Altoona, PA and it was there that the Altairnano-powered people mover generated some head-turning miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) numbers. After going ...

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    Proterra touring California with fast-charging electric bus

    Proterra has begun a 4-city "California Clean Bus Tour" with the unveiling of its EcoRide B35 all-electric transit bus in San Jose. The lightweight, composite-bodied people mover features the 10 minute recharge-capable TerraVolt™ Energy Storage System, said to be based around batteries from ...

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    Burbank getting world's first plug-in hybrid fuel cell bus

    Burbank Bus has announced that they will be trying out the world's very first plug-in hydrogen fuel cell hybrid transit bus (say that fast 5 times), the Proterra HFC35, beginning this Spring. Now, we've had all-electric buses, turbine-powered hybrid buses and even a plug-in school buses gracing the ...


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