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    Official: Detroit Electric SP:01 electric Lotus project not dead yet

    Detroit Electric is still on board to produce the Lotus Exige-based SP:01 electric sports car, which has been delayed more than once already. According to the carmaker, the SP:01 prototype is currently undergoing testing at a facility in Europe, as we can see in the above photo provided by ...

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    Official: The Deliver is the oddest electric van we've ever seen [w/video]

    UK's Liberty Electric Cars, a subsidiary of Green Automotive Company and the same group that brought us the E-Range, has built a fully functional prototype of the odd-looking electric delivery van you see above, succinctly called Deliver. The EV looks futuristic – much more like a concept ...

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    Official: Universite Laval wins Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2014 with 2,824 mpg

    At the 2014 Shell Eco-marathon Americas in Houston this past weekend, Canadian teams took the top two spots in the gasoline Prototype category. The winning team, from Université Laval, managed to hit 2,824 miles per gallon (mpg), just a few drops ahead of the second-place team, the ...

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    Official: Qbeak's third prototype city EV unveiled

    Qbeak, the electric city vehicle being developed by Denmark-based ECOmove, has unveiled the third prototype of the car and says the vehicle is "very close" to its finished version. The current prototype is lighter than the previous versions, which mean's the Qbeak's single-charge range has been ...

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    Spy Shots: Cadillac ELR caught testing in production form

    After announcing its intent to go forward with a production version of the fetching Converj concept more than a year ago, all has been pretty quiet on the Cadillac ELR front – until now. We burn for this kind of drama. The long lenses have reported in from the field with the first-ever spy ...

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    Details emerge on new Audi A5 e-tron quattro plug-in

    Audi A5 e-tron prototype – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Audi is backing up its goal of dominating the premium electric vehicle segment by 2020 with a new e-tron prototype. This plug-in hybrid, based on the A5 Coupe, is packed with all the technological wizardry you would expect ...

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    Avera Motors teases high-efficiency prototype

    Florida-based Avera Motors is beginning to part the veil of secrecy surrounding what the company has been up to for the past few years. The KGB is a downright chatty bunch compared to the start-up automaker, and until now, we've only had one very info-light web site and a handful of rumors to ...

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    Video: Volvo helping to develop new material that could be both battery and bodywork

    Battery bodywork prototype material – Click above to watch video after the jump
    How much will a plug-in vehicle's battery weigh in 2020? How much will the same car's bodywork weigh? If a new prototype material developed by researchers in the Imperial College London in the UK turns out to be ...

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    Quantya makes tracks with snowbike concept

    Quantya snow bike prototype – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you liked that whole snow scooter concept but wished for something that could really take on virgin powder, you might be interested to know that Quantya is working on an electric moto-sled of their own. The Swiss ...

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    Rumormill: From fortwo to forfour; now a smart forthree roadster?

    smart used to have a model called the Roadster (and the Roadster coupé), which wasn't too much of a commercial success. The model wasn't ugly and had decent enough performance with its small 3-cyl engine thanks to its low weight. Still, smart only sold a little more than 43,000 units in the ...

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    VIDEO: Dagne prototype rolls, tilts

    If you're a fan of watching engineering challenges being tackled and new companies springing to life then perhaps Revolution Motors and their Dagne might be of interest to you. Echoing the open-to-the-public development route that we've seen, at least to some extent, with the Tesla Roadster and the ...

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    London 2008: Honda OSM, a low-emission roadster concept

    Click above for more high-res shots of the Honda OSM. Honda has unveiled a new roadster concept at the British International Motor Show. Named the OSM (for Open Study Model), it shares space with the Honda FCX Clarity and the CR-Z sports hybrid on the Honda stand. Although the press release (found ...

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    Bizarre car showcases lightweight materials and construction

    Topia Corp. has been showing off their lightweight electric car at the booth of Marubeni Information Systems Co Ltd at the 19th Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (DMS). Ok, maybe "car" is a little strong. This little one seater looks to have much more in common with that ...

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    First glimpse of ZAP Alias prototype revealed in video

    We recently got word that a ZAP Alias prototype had been built but at the time, we couldn't find any pictures. With a link supplied by commenter "Jay," that situation has been somewhat rectified. Although we don't have photos beyond the screen grabs you see above, there is a news video from NBC24 ...


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