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    Ditching your car could save you over $10,000 a year
    APTA says the biggest savings are available to NYC residents 1401883200

    Looking to line your pockets with some extra cash? Perhaps it's time to give up driving. A sobering report from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) says that people using public transit in the 20 cities with the most riders save an average of $848 dollars a month, or $10,181 a ...

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    Study: Peak Car is so 2004, now get on your bike and ride

    So, the US metropolitan areas with the largest percentage jump in commuters that bike to work are Portland, Madison, San Francisco and Denver. Now that we've gotten the "no duh" portion of the US Public Interest Research Group's (PIRG) recent study on urban driving habits out of the way, we can ...

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    Report: A lack of public transit means you're less likely to have a job

    Does no access to public transit mean no jobs? That's the argument that Adie Tomer makes in a report compiled for the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program. While the situation is not exactly cut-and-dry, Tomer says 42 percent of suburban residents without vehicles don't have ...

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    DOT announces $104.1-million clean-fuel transit initiative

    U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced that transit authorities can duke it out for a share of $101.4 million in federal funds by proposing innovative projects that promote the use of "clean fuels" for public transit. Says Secretary LaHood:

    This money supports ...

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    Reconsider driving on "Dump The Pump" day

    Will you dump the pump today? That question comes from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council in recognition of the sixth annual "Dump the Pump" day. The goal is simple: encourage drivers to ditch their vehicles for one ...

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    Google Maps adds real-time public transit updates [w/video]

    Starting today, Google Maps for mobile and desktop applications can alert you when your chosen form of public transportation is on time or, more likely, running way behind schedule. Google has partnered with transit agencies to integrate its live updates in four U.S. cities: Boston, Portland, ...

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    Study: $5/gallon gas could overload public transit system in U.S.

    Recently, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) predicted that rising gasoline prices could lead to a savings of $14,376 for commuters in New York City who choose to switch from personal to public transportation. However, keeping that amount of coin in one's bank account may not ...

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    Sao Paulo public transit to add 50 Scania ethanol-fueled buses to fleet

    Come next May, the public transit system in Sao Paulo, Brazil will be a bit greener thanks to the addition of 50 Scania buses designed to run on pure ethanol. The people haulers are part of the first wave of an initial fleet of 200 ethanol-fueled buses. Sao Paulo operates more than 15,000 public ...

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    Does driving make you fat? Can public transportation, biking and walking keep you skinny?

    To follow up on our recent article titled "Overweight and overfueled - fat America uses more gas" we thought we'd offer some additional information that's relevant to the topic. A recent study conducted by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) suggests that U.S. drivers may be ...

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    Survey: Most Americans want better public transportation options

    Looks like Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is on to something. He announced a major policy revision last week that will see his department "treat[ing] cyclists and walkers with policies similar to automobiles." Transportation for America (T4A) has issued the results of a survey that show ...

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    Infographic: eight cities and their commuting patterns

    Whether this graphic makes seeing the commuting pattern of eight major U.S. cities easier to understand or clear as mud might be a personal choice. We happen to think it's quite clever, and you can see the larger version here. Basically, the city names are color-coded to show the distribution ...

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    Why conservatives should support the "good kind" of public transit

    Public transportation options – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Think conservative political beliefs mean you can't support public transportation? Bill Lind, the conservative co-author of Moving Minds: Conservatives and Public Transportation, says "no way" in a new interview with ...

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    Study: access to good public transportation can make foreclosures less likely

    Would you believe that there's a connection between owning a car and having to foreclose on your home? A study by the Natural Resources Defense Council found that yes, indeed, there is. At least, a relationship was found in the three areas that the study looked at: San Francisco, CA, Chicago, IL ...

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    Should we be building electric cars or streetcars?

    While the emissions produced by cars traversing the world's cities are undoubtedly a problem, it is by no means the only issue with personal transportation. As the world's car fleet continues to grow, the problem of traffic congestion will get dramatically worse, even if they are all powered by ...

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    Bu$ vs. car? Public transit can save riders an average of $9,200 a year

    In some place (New York City, we're thinking of you), taking public transportation is just the most sensible way to get around most of the time. In others (West Oklahoma, say) it can't even be considered. Still, if there is a bus or rail line near your home and work, taking advantage of it isn't ...

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    Radiohead tour focuses on cities with good public transit

    Photo: Stephane De Sakutin, AFP/Getty ImagesIn addition to making great music (OK Computer remains one of this blogger's favorite listens), Radiohead tries to make a difference from an ecological standpoint. The band is going to great lengths to reduce the carbon emissions associated with its ...

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    Toronto buses to get Suncor biodiesel

    There are almost 1,500 buses in the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) fleet. Over the next two years, almost, these buses will burn over 120 million liters (that's about 32 million U.S. gallons) of biodiesel supplied by Suncor Energy Products, Inc.  Suncor's director of distribution operations ...


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