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quick chargers

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    Official: Nissan installing over 100 DC Fast Chargers at US Leaf dealerships

    Just as the words "Chevron," "Shell" and "Arco" can engender a sigh of relief when spotted by a gas-starved driver with an empty tank, the name "Nissan" will be cause for joy for some of their battery-electric-vehicle driving counterparts. The Japanese automaker is making it easier to charge up ...

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    Report: Nissan, CarCharging Group collaborate on quick-charger deployment

    While Nissan is expanding the single-charge range on its all-electric Leaf, the Japanese automaker is also working on shortening the distance between publicly accessible quick-charge stations. Nissan is collaborating with CarCharging Group to deploy more quick chargers throughout the most ...

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    Nichicon develops world's smallest quick-chargers

    A relatively unknown Japanese firm, one that goes by the name of Nichicon, has developed and will soon launch what it says are the world's smallest quick-charge stations for plug-in vehicles. Nichicon's NGQ-A202 and NGQ-A302 use what the firms calls "advanced module technology" to shrink down ...

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    AeroVironment to install quick-charge stations along Oregon's I-5 corridor

    The Oregon Department of Transportation has turned to AeroVironment to install quick-charge stations along the I-5 corridor from California in the south to the Willamette Valley region in the north. This install is part of the West Coast Green Highway project – a vision for a consistent ...

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    Epyon to deliver multiple Terra 51 quick-charge stations to Lyse Energi in Norway

    Epyon BV has kicked off deliveries of "multiple" Terra 51 Charge Stations to Lyse Energi in Norway. The Terra 51, a commercial quick-charge unit, is a single-port system with CHAdeMO's seal of approval. Recently, Epyon installed a single Terra 51 station in the southern Norwegian city of ...

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    Siemens launches 22 kW Charge CP700A plug-in vehicle charger

    Siemens is readying the launch of its 22 kW Charge CP700A plug-in vehicle charger in Europe. The German firm claims that the CP700A can charge up a typical electric car's battery pack to full capacity in less than 60 minutes. The CP700A can charge battery-powered vehicles at different rates. For ...


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