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    Video: Translogic whips Nissan Leaf Nismo RC around the track

    It wasn't exactly NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon scaring the bejesus out of an unsuspecting car salesman in a Pepsi-sponsored prank, but the racetrack laps that our friends over at Translogic featured of the Nissan Leaf-based Nismo racer certainly look plenty fun, especially for the enthusiastic ...

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    Motorsports: Hydrogen-powered Aston Martin Rapide ready to race in 2013

    The Geneva Motor Show and upcoming Nürburgring 24 Hours will be a showcase for Aston Martin to honor its history and to show off the possibilities of what sports cars can do today – including racing in a hydrogen hybrid. Aston Martin head Ulrich Bez announced during the Geneva Motor ...

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    Report: Toyota TS030 Hybrid will make U.K. racing debut

    Toyota is hoping a trip across the English Channel brings its hybrid racecar a little more luck. The Japanese automaker's TS030 Hybrid race car will make its UK racing debut this weekend when it runs in the WEC Six Hours of Silverstone race Sunday, Hybrid Cars reports. The car, which has a ...

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    Video: Audi flashes us the hybrid R18 e-tron Quattro

    It's fast. That's what viewers of a two-minute, 21-second video Audi recently posted about its R18 e-tron Quattro racecar will be able to discern. The German automaker, which titled the video "The evolution of racing," included interviews with Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, head of Audi Motorsport, as ...

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    Ethanol-powered Mustang reaches 252 mph

    Photo from NewsOK
    Want to prove that ponies like ethanol? Give Oklahoma corn farmer Brent Hajek a call. He helped get a FR500C Ford Mustang running on E85 up to 252.78 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats is Utah back in September. The record-setting drive (well, almost. It still needs to be ...

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    Videos: truck that runs on chocolate, car made from potatoes

    The video above from Sky News is of a truck that runs on chocolate and is going around the world. The truck actually runs on biodiesel made from chocolate and they are going to Timbuktu to promote biodiesel. Below the fold is a video of a race car made from potatoes called Eco One. Eco One is made ...

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    Formula One hybrid racing coming in 2010

    The German car magazine Auto, Motor and Sports reports Formula One racing will use hybrid cars by 2010. It seems FIA boss Max Mosley finally got a deal for the greener races. A lot of technology that we see in cars today was developed on the race track, and we can only imagine what this new F1 ...

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    More green racers coming to LeMans

    Gasoline-fueled cars have long dominated most racing classes around the world. But they have definitely not had an exclusive. As far back 1931 Dave Evans' Cummins Diesel Special, became the first car to complete the Indy 500 without a pit stop. At various times methanol fueled cars have run in ...

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    Driving Volkswagen's fuel sipping sports car

    Automobile magazine took Volkswagen's EcoRacer for a spin on the Pau Arnos circuit in the south of France. The EcoRacer demonstrates how car enthusiasts could have their cake and eat it too. Normally, sports cars are not diesel powered, and don't get 80 mpg, but the EcoRacer proves the combination ...


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