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radio frequency

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    Official: MIT figures out how to clean diesel trucks with RF signals [UPDATE]

    People rightfully dislike wireless signals being transmitted from the person behind the wheel when they text while drive, but there are times when a car's wireless signals can be good news. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have found a way to use wireless signals ...

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    Japanese researchers can deliver power to your wheels by radio

    For electric items that are too mobile to be connected by wire, like – to pull a completely random example out of the air – a car traveling down the highway, the idea of wireless power transmission has a lot of appeal. Several different schemes have been considered, including magnetic ...

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    Salt water as fuel? Burning hydrogen with radio waves? It's true

    Salt water as fuel? Not exactly, but kinda. John Kanzius discovered that by focusing certain radio-frequencies on a test tube of salt water, he could ignite the contents, which would them become hot enough to melt the test tube. The process has been independently verified by Rustum Roy, a Penn ...


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