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rahm emanuel

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    Official: DOE's new Energy Storage Hub a "Manhattan Project" for better batteries

    This could be big. The US Department of Energy has announced a five-year, $120-million award for a team of 14 companies, universities and national laboratories led by Argonne National Laboratory that will be charged with creating next-generation batteries for use in vehicles and the grid. In ...

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    Smith Electric Vehicles will build big electric trucks in Chicago

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Smith Electric Vehicles are working together to create an electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Chicago. Smith Electric Vehicles was drawn to the city by the mayor's voucher system designed to accelerate conversion from diesel to zero-emission electric ...

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    Rahm Emanuel - Obama's fighter for hybrid cars in the White House

    Photo by Dru Bloomfield - At Home in Scottsdale. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.
    Who's going to be pushing the hardest for cleaner cars in the U.S. - hybrids, PHEVs and CNG vehicles, specifically - in the coming years? According to HybridCars, it will not be Plug In America or ...


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