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range anxiety

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    Study: 100-mile EVs offer plenty of range, for now
    Oak Ridge Says The Numbers Show We Should All Be Happy With Double-Digit Range Limits 1408449360

    We've heard that the next big paradigm shift in electric vehicle acceptance will come with more 150- or 200-mile EVs. But a new study called Optimizing and Diversifying Electric Vehicle Driving Range for US Drivers says that cars that can go that far really won't make sense for anyone to buy ...

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    Video: This is what happens when you drive your Nissan Leaf beyond empty
    Robert Llewellyn Gets Fully Discharged For Science 1406159760

    If you see an AAA truck bringing someone a can of extra gas, it's rarely a big deal, but when an EV driver runs out of charge, people pay attention. Whether its a writer for The New York Times or hardcore Tesla fans, people are curious about this newfangled technology and the things that could go ...

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    Recharge Wrap-up: Toyota FCV wears silver, Foxconn's $15K EV, solar power at GM
    And Who Wants To Go On An EV Road Trip Across Illinois? 1404151080

    The Toyota FCV made its North American debut at the 2014 Aspen Ideas Festival, and this time it's not sporting its usual blue sheet metal. This silver paint job shows a bit more contrast. Certain features stand out a bit more, especially the black strip that wraps around the grille and down the ...

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    Study: Psychology can wipe out 20-25% of your EV's range

    There are two primary takeaways from a recent study of electric-vehicle driving habits in Germany. One: an electric vehicle with 25 percent of its battery charge left creates the same reaction in drivers as the fuel needle on "E" in a gas-powered car. Two: familiarity breeds comfort. The study, ...

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    Report: Chevy up to old EVs-equal-range-anxiety tricks in new Volt Olympics ad

    General Motors is at it again with a new Chevrolet Volt TV commercial. Viewers of the Winter Olymics (at least in some markets) recently saw a TV ad in between the skating and the skiing that made no mention of the environmental benefits or freedom from the power of Big Oil that electric vehicles ...

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    Official: This Seattle-area Nissan Leaf owner has already put 100,000 miles on his EV

    It's not quite in the so-indestructible-its-engine-can-take-a-bullet territory of a classic Dodge Dart, but Steve Marsh's Nissan Leaf has been put through a long-distance wringer. The Washington State driver has surpassed the 100,000-mile mark with his electric vehicle, getting kudos from ...

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    Video: Bob Lutz says electric cars will improve, 'at that point, who needs a gasoline engine?'

    Despite his long history with traditional internal combustion engines and climate change skepticism, Bob Lutz remains a strong voice for the plug-in future of the automobile. If anything, his recent statement are getting stronger. To wit, in an recent interview with CNBC, the Chevy Volt's ...

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    Report: Fiat 500e comes with free extra cars (well, rentals)

    Bigger trips + little electric car, = no problem. That's the message Fiat is sending with a new announcement of an agreement to offer gas-powered rentals to range-anxiety-stricken road-trippers. The Italian automaker, which plans to debut the all-electric 500e in California this summer, has ...

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    Official: BMW confirms i3 range extender "not intended for daily use"

    It's no secret that the BMW i3 has a spot in the powertrain bay reserved for a gasoline engine range extender. Given that the i3 city car is available as a pure electric vehicle, how does an additional liquid fuel powerplant fit into the picture? Green Car Reports recently wondered out loud about ...

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    Report: Strong incentives help Norway love electric vehicles after all these years

    Norwegians are buying a lot of Nissan Leaf vehicles and have the most Tesla Model S reservations in the European market. While the US is a major market for electric vehicles, the sales numbers are proportionally huge for Norwegians. US electric vehicle sales look to be close to 50,000 for plug-in ...

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    Electric vehicles not a problem for Texas grid

    I would think if you were to draft a list of the top three "fear factors" impinging mass adoption of electric vehicles, it might look something like this... The battery pack pooping out miles away from home Electric shock Power outages Trip Doggett, CEO of the Electric Reliability ...

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    Official: New Volvo 22-kW fast-charger drops recharge time to 90 minutes

    A lot of factors play into an electric-vehicle's charging time, but a general rule is that the higher the on-board charger, the shorter that time will be. The on-board charger in the first-generation Nissan Leaf was 3.3 kW. The upgraded second-generation could use a 6.6 kW charger. On the new, ...

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    Report: Nissan addresses Leaf battery woes, customer communication shortcomings

    Yep, that ought to do it. While the firestorm of controversy over the woes regarding the battery in the Nissan Leaf continues to rage, the company has stepped up to the inferno with a couple buckets of PR water and a promise to bring out a very large hose. According to a statement from Carla ...

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    IBM developing air battery with 500-mile range

    One nagging issue with electric vehicles is range. While today's lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are much better than yesterday's nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, they still don't offer enough energy storage to take an EV much further than 100 miles without a lengthy recharge. Even if the ...

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    Study: Range anxiety is clearly not a chronic disorder

    GM has made concern about "range anxiety" central to its marketing of the plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt. The term may work to instill some doubt in the minds of those cross-shopping the Nissan Leaf, and in fact a study (PDF) by the Technology Strategy Board in the UK found that 100 percent of new ...

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    Nissan Leaf fans design more accurate state-of-charge meter

    If you get enough like-minded individuals together, they can accomplish quite a lot. Take, for instance, a group of fans on the MyNissanLeaf forum who wanted a more accurate way to tell how much further they could drive their Nissan Leaf. They accomplished this goal by coding up a device that ...

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    Learning to live with a Nissan Leaf: "I don't ever have range anxiety"

    It's quiet, it's quick, it's quirky... but (with the help of GM's marketing department) what may pop into your mind when you think about the Nissan Leaf is that dreaded phrase, "range anxiety." If you're thinking that owning a Leaf might require a prescription for Valium, Lynne Mason of the blog ...

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    Got range anxiety? Solar control glass lets you turn down the A/C

    The EPGAA, an automotive glass industry association, says that solar control glass can "substantially" reduce the need for A/C, thus extending the range of an electric vehicle. Overcoming "range anxiety" is key to electric vehicle adoption, says the EPGAA. That's exactly why the association ...

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    Forget "range anxiety," let's talk "gas anxiety"

    Think back to September of 2010. That's when General Motors attempted to trademark "range anxiety." Remember that? GM said that the term would be used to promote "public awareness of electric vehicle capabilities." To put it another way, GM intended to use "range anxiety" to knock on pure ...

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    Q: Did GM's Tony Posawatz coin the term "range anxiety"?

    We know that General Motors has tried to trademark "range anxiety," but did someone in the company actually come up with the term? In an interview with Txchnologist, GE's new science and technology magazine, Posawatz said: I think I am not officially credited, but I probably coined the term ...


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