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    AAA says Tesla Model S is the best green car available

    AAA has released its 2014 Green Car Guide (PDF), a 140-page document that discusses what it means to be green, how to be a greener driver, how to shop for green cars, what choices are available and what green cars are on the horizon. Most importantly, the guide evaluates and ranks 83 different ...

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    Top 30 most walkable American cities

    Brookings Institute did a field survey on the walkability of metropolitan areas and published a list ranking the best 30. Washington, where the Brookings Institute is based, came in first in the list that considered things like the number of walkable places and access to public transport. The top ...

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    Hybrids to get roll over testing for first time in 2008 model year

    Want to know a dirty little secret about the car industry? A lot of cars are not that different from other cars. I don't mean designs look the same, I literally mean many car brands are exactly the same cars (frame, engine, etc, etc) except for small differences in things like the interior design. ...


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