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    Official: Massachusetts introduces $2,500 state incentive for EVs

    Now that the deuces are wild for Massachusetts, its governor is placing a bigger bet on electric-vehicle adoption in the Bay State. With exactly 222 publicly accessible electric-vehicle charging stations currently available, the famously liberal Massachusetts is finally joining the ranks of those ...

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    Report: Texas to give rebates on natural gas and plug-in vehicles, excludes Tesla

    Former XFL football player Rod Smart gained brief pop-cultural fame a few years back by putting the name "He Hate Me" on the back of his jersey. It's a sentiment Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk might be feeling about Texas and the long arm of its pro-dealership law after the Lone Star State laid out ...

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    Report: Ford C-Max owners now getting $550 mea culpa checks

    Ford is hoping 6,700 free miles, or thereabouts, will allay some dissatisfied C-Max Hybrid buyers. The automaker said in August that it would send out rebate checks after it had to lower its fuel economy rating on much-hyped model has now started making good on that promise, Automotive News ...

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    UK government joining the club to rethink EV incentives

    Government incentives can be an important boost for new technologies moving from the testing ground to mainstream markets, but incentives are not guaranteed to achieve intended results – and there's no promise a government can maintain support. In an era of budgetary pressures (such as ...

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    Report: California approves $27 million in green-vehicle incentives

    The Golden State's going a little more green once again. The California Air Resources Board approved $27 million in incentives that will be used to accelerate sales of zero-emission vehicles in the most populous U.S. state. CARB said that a "majority" of the funds will go towards purchase ...

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    Report: Are UK green-vehicle tax incentives working too well?

    Are the green-car rebates in the UK on the verge of themselves being rebated? That's what the London's Telegraph newspaper is suggesting, asking if incentivizing people to drive green can be too effective. UK ministers are talking about revoking some of the tax incentives created to encourage ...

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    Report: France increasing gas-guzzler penalty while reducing green incentives

    The government of France uses a "bonus-malus" system to encourage its citizens to go green with their next car purchase. The more fuel efficient a vehicle you buy, the bigger incentive you get. The more gas guzzling a vehicle you buy, the bigger penalty you pay. Unfortunately for France, too many ...

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    Spain approves plug-in vehicle subsidy worth up to $8,602 ($43,000 for buses)

    Last Friday, the Government of Spain signed off on a measure that will provide incentives to hopefully stimulate the introduction of plug-in vehicles. The legislation includes direct subsidies for the purchase of such vehicles, with a budget of €72 million ($103 million U.S. at the current ...

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    Quebec to offer plug-in vehicle rebates of up to C$8,000

    Starting in January of 2012, Québec, Canada will offer rebates of up to C$8,000 ($8,358 U.S. at the current exchange rate) for the purchase of plug-in vehicles. Last week, Quebec's prime minister, Jean Charest, unveiled an incentive plan that calls for rebates to be offered on a sliding ...

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    Report: Nissan concerned electric vehicle sales will vanish after gov't incentives do

    Nissan Leaf EV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Many of the upcoming electric vehicles (EVs) are competitively priced only when one factors in government assistance. For example, the Leaf comes in at just $25,280, after the $7,500 federal tax credit. Take away the incentive, and ...

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    New Hyundai Assurance provision locks gas at $1.49/gal for one year [w/VIDEO]

    Hyundai Assurance Gas Lock ads – Click above to watch the videos after the jump
    Hyundai is piling on additional incentives to boost its Assurance program as the industry heads into the dog days of summer. The newest promotion, Gas Lock, fixes the price of regular unleaded at $1.49 per gallon ...

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    UK government unveils £5,000 electric car incentive program

    The UK government has announced a £250 million incentive program designed to get more plug-in and electric vehicles on British roads. The heart of the program is rebates of up to £5,000 for purchases of full electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. This could be good news for companies like ...

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    New Canadian ecoAUTO rebates apply to new 2006 models

    The Canadian government recently introduced a new incentive program to encourage people to buy more efficient vehicles. Unfortunately recent changes to emissions regulations in Canada mean that like the US there is currently a temporary gap in availability of new diesel powered cars. As a result no ...


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