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    Report: Fast charging your EV might not be as bad as predicted
    Stanford, MIT, Sandia Show Rapid Charge, Discharge Cycle Likely Balanced In Pack 1412604000

    Tesla Model S owners rejoice, for any reports of a lithium-ion battery's rapid demise from fast-charging might be highly exaggerated. A study put together by researchers from Stanford, Sandia National Laboratories and MIT and published in Nature Materials refutes previous reports that indicate ...

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    Read This: Figuring out exactly how much it costs to charge Tesla Model S
    Home Tests Show Anywhere Between 82 and 90 Percent Efficiency 1406980860

    Is the Tesla Model S an electricity guzzler? One driver trying to answer that question says it does gobble down more juice than previously thought, but it's not time to make Hummer jokes just yet. First, the goal: Tesla's claims that properly set up home-charging stations can get about a ...

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    Report: Drive an EV and you, too, can pay the equivalent of 75 cents a gallon

    One in six households can party like it's 1979 by purchasing a plug-in vehicle. Add a thumpin' sound system to that vehicle and you can celebrate by pumping out an appropriate hit from that year, too. We think Chic's Good Times would be appropriate. Thanks to special rates for households with ...

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    Read This: How to get incredibly accurate information on your EV's charging power

    One would think that paying about $300 to receive a bit of bad news about electric-vehicle charging would be counterproductive. But the fine folks at Teslarati believe that truth is beauty, and they're willing to pay a little extra for the straight dope. There are always losses when taking power ...

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    Study: Charging millions of EVs at once? It's a math problem

    Preparing for the brave new world where the number of plug-in vehicles looking for a charge grows high enough to match to the current electricity supply, one study from China's Sichuan University is suggesting a novel concept. It's called the honor system, and it might one day be needed to ...

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    Report: Norwegian winter proving too much for some Tesla charging cables

    Polar vortex 1, Tesla Model S 0? Possibly. Norway is certainly a long way from the sunny California climes where the luxury electric vehicle is made and, while the cars are popular in that country, the country's cold weather is creating problems for car owners, the Norwegian website News in ...

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    Official: How microscopes are improving EV batteries at PNNA

    The construction of one small battery is helping scientists make a big breakthrough when it comes to studying the effects of repeated recharging of a rechargeable battery. The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNA), working with US Department of Energy's Environmental Molecular Sciences ...

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    Report: Tesla Supercharger deployment lagging

    Elon Musk and his Tesla Motors may be receiving kudos from everyone ranging from equity investors to Time magazine to crash-test regulators to the wealthy car-buying public, but one auto writer in the Northeast is taking the electric-vehicle maker to task for not deploying its Supercharger ...

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    Official: University of Illinois recharges li-ion battery a thousand times faster

    Imagine recharging a Nissan Leaf from a standard 110-volt outlet in, say, oh, about a minute. Far-fetched, sure, but at least one research facility thinks it has a lead on making lithium-ion batteries that can recharge 1,000 times faster than current ones. Researchers at the University of ...

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    Study: Plug-in vehicles go further every day. No, seriously

    Here's a twist we didn't see coming. Plug-in vehicle owners are, on average, driving more than gas-powered vehicle owners are driving their cars, and are getting more comfortable charging those vehicles outside of their homes, Plug In Vehicles reports, citing a US Energy Department study ...

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    Report: Tesla declares October 19 "Supercharging day"

    Highway etiquette states that slower moving vehicles stay to the right. Those slowpokes may want to stay off California highways altogether this Friday. That's because Tesla Motors has declared October 19 as "Supercharging Day," when the electric-vehicle maker's first six fast chargers will be ...

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    Official: Coda offers a 'year' of free charging for all-electric Sedan buyers

    Electric-vehicle maker Coda Automotive is offering buyers a free year (roughly) of recharging, which sounds good no matter how you slice it. Specifically, Coda is giving a $552 rebate for folks who buy Coda Sedans this month. The Los Angeles-based company came up with $552 as an estimate for how ...

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    Report: Hydro-Quebec developing five-minute electric vehicle recharge technology

    Oh, Canada! Hydro-Quebec, a utility company that serves about 8 million residents of America's neighbor to the north, is working on an electric-vehicle charging system that can fully recharge a typical EV in about five minutes, the Canadian blog Wheels reports. The company, whose research ...

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    Envision Solar "trees" to charge the Chevy Volt

    According to Envision Solar president Desmond Wheatley, "every electric vehicle is the equivalent of one or two single-family residences in terms of impact on the electric grid." Looking to reduce that impact, General Motors has partnered with Envision Solar to provide solar charging stations for ...

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    Save what? Southern California Edison launches rate calculator for plug-in vehicles

    Southern California Edison (SCE) has launched an intuitive plug-in rate calculator that allows current and potential electric vehicle (EV) owners to assess the costs of "fueling" battery-powered vehicles. SCE customers input information like location, daily power usage, vehicle type (i.e., ...

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    Elektrobay/EDF recharging station uses PLC to 'talk' to electric cars

    click to enlarge
    One of the important technological hurdles to getting plug-in vehicles to work smoothly with the burgeoning smart grid is getting the vehicle and the grid to talk to each other. EDF, the company working with Toyota on the plug-in Prius tests and with Daimler on the Smart ED tests ...


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