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    Official: Lincoln MKX will use tree-based fibers in its armrests

    Nothing says American luxury car quite like a big cushy armrest, and now Lincoln has decided to stabilize theirs with a little bit of environmental friendliness. The 2014 Lincoln MKX crossover is using tree-based fibers to manufacture the structural component that attaches armrests to the floor ...

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    Official: Ford developing way to make car parts from cash

    Ford is looking to put a new twist on the term "old money." The U.S. automaker may add old, shredded, out-of-circulation U.S paper currency to its list of recyclable materials that may be used for cushions, insulation and other components. With about 10,000 pounds of paper money being shredded ...

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    BMW and Siemens design lightweight recyclable subway car for Warsaw

    Warsaw's metro system is going green in 2012. That's when the city will introduce new subway cars, dubbed the Siemens Inspiro, that will be 97.5 percent recyclable. Not only that, but the system will also be more energy efficient. The "weight optimized chassis" will be built out of aluminum, ...

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    Ford claims 2011 Explorer is 85% recyclable - but aren't most cars?

    2011 Ford Explorer – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford's new 2011 Explorer represents a huge leap forward over previous iterations of the Blue Oval's mid-size SUV. In terms of efficiency, the 2011 model trumps previous Explorers by leaps and bounds. On the inside, Ford's use of ...

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    Ford goes green the old fashioned way, by recycling

    It's been a while since Ford produced vehicles with wood as a primary building material, or even as a dashboard accent. So you wouldn't really think of Ford as being a big consumer of virgin timber. But what about millions, literally millions of owners manuals, warranty booklets, sales brochures ...

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    Of vending machines and cell phone towers: Automakers now planning for "dead" electric vehicle batteries

    Electric vehicle batteries don't last forever. Sure, they can be charged up, drained and charged again, but at some point they just won't get the job done anymore. Automakers estimate that advanced batteries will provide about ten years of serviceable life in vehicles. So what happens to that ...

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    VW MK VI Golf made from over 40% recycled materials

    Click for a high-res gallery of the new VW Golf
    Anyone that has looked closely will realize that there is a lot of old Golf in the new sixth-generation hatchback from Volkswagen. However, you would have to look really close to find out just how much. The German TÜV NORD agency has certified ...

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    All new Volvo cars are 85% recyclable and 95% recoverable

    Click on the image to enlargeWhile safety is likely the first thing that springs to mind when the automotive conversation turns to Volvo, the Swedish auto manufacturer would like the average person to know about its efforts to reduce its impact on the environment. To that end, Volvo has launched ...

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    Super recyclable new Volvo S80 arriving Down Under

    Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of the Volvo S80.Volvo is coming off a bumper year for sales in Australia when shipments were up 37 percent. But the Swedish automaker isn't ready relax yet. Volvo has just released is the new flagship S80 luxury sedan, available with either a ...


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