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    Official: Toyota recycling old hybrid batteries into energy-storage systems for dealers

    How's this for a "willing buyer"? Toyota is going to recycle nickel-metal hydride batteries from old hybrids into energy management systems and will then sell those systems to Toyota dealerships in Japan. Starting in April, the company's Toyota Turbine and Systems Inc. division will sell an ...

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    Chevrolet Volt battery covers transformed into... duck houses?

    Yes, you read that right. General Motors has indeed taken scrap battery covers that would otherwise have been discarded and, with the help of a team of youngsters from the Lasky Recreation Center in Detroit, turned them into duck houses. Seems odd, no doubt, but we'd certainly rather see ...

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    Ford claims 2011 Explorer is 85% recyclable - but aren't most cars?

    2011 Ford Explorer – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford's new 2011 Explorer represents a huge leap forward over previous iterations of the Blue Oval's mid-size SUV. In terms of efficiency, the 2011 model trumps previous Explorers by leaps and bounds. On the inside, Ford's use of ...

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    Recycling gone wild: turn your VW Jetta TDI into a Smyth Performance G3F

    Smyth Performance G3F concept – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Reduce-Reuse-Recycle is the tri-directive that could help us become more sustainable as a society. Soon, a kit for the G3F from Smyth Performance – a new venture by Factory Five Racing co-founder Mark Smith ...

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    Ford goes green the old fashioned way, by recycling

    It's been a while since Ford produced vehicles with wood as a primary building material, or even as a dashboard accent. So you wouldn't really think of Ford as being a big consumer of virgin timber. But what about millions, literally millions of owners manuals, warranty booklets, sales brochures ...

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    Of vending machines and cell phone towers: Automakers now planning for "dead" electric vehicle batteries

    Electric vehicle batteries don't last forever. Sure, they can be charged up, drained and charged again, but at some point they just won't get the job done anymore. Automakers estimate that advanced batteries will provide about ten years of serviceable life in vehicles. So what happens to that ...

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    Feds mull an extra three months to crush Cash For Clunkers victims

    What do you do with some 700,000 recently clunked cars? Send them to scrap heaps, naturally. According to the initial set of rules drafted when Cash for Clunkers was first launched, all those vehicles need to be processed properly, which includes removing most (if not all) of the good usable ...

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    REPORT: All those clunkers messed up with no where to go

    We found out which vehicles were the most popular "green" clunkers in the Car Allowance Rebate System that ran its course earlier this fall, but it won't take much sleuthing to discover where all these clunkers have ended up. According to the AP, the disabled SUVs, minivans and trucks (mostly) ...

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    Starting Early: Cub Scouts build derby cars from recycled materials

    It's never too early to begin teaching kids the merits of an eco-friendly lifestyle. This point was driven home by members of Cub Scouts packs 294 and 261, who were recently tasked with the responsibility of creating full-size derby carts completely from recycled materials. Says Patrick Martin, ...

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    VW MK VI Golf made from over 40% recycled materials

    Click for a high-res gallery of the new VW Golf
    Anyone that has looked closely will realize that there is a lot of old Golf in the new sixth-generation hatchback from Volkswagen. However, you would have to look really close to find out just how much. The German TÜV NORD agency has certified ...

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    Volvo announces Greenline initiative: Refurbished with a warranty

    Do you remember your Ecology 101 lessons? One of the first lessons is always "reuse." Volvo has taken the role of teacher and is telling us about its new Greenline initiative. What's this about? A range of "renewed" vehicle components which are procured by recycling components from scrapped Volvos. ...

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    Take a drink from a recycled windshield

    We all know that dropping our old cars in landfills instead of reusing the valuable resources that make up the mass is not good. The EU has, indeed, a directive that forces 85 percent of cars to be recyclable at the end of their lifespan. In case you're wondering just what might be the result of ...

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    VIDEO from Medialink and General Motors: Earth Day 2008 - Recyclable Cars

    Pop Quiz time! What's the most recycled product in the U.S.? (Hum Jeopardy theme song now)Automobiles. The EPA says that 95 percent of all cars are recycled, and 84 percent of the vehicle is recycled by weight on average. Those are pretty good numbers to be sure. The video seen here explains that ...

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    All new Volvo cars are 85% recyclable and 95% recoverable

    Click on the image to enlargeWhile safety is likely the first thing that springs to mind when the automotive conversation turns to Volvo, the Swedish auto manufacturer would like the average person to know about its efforts to reduce its impact on the environment. To that end, Volvo has launched ...

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    Car recycled into vacuum cleaners for the first time

    Electrolux's Ultrasilencer Green vacuum cleaner is made from fifty percent recycled materials including plastic from cars. According to the Reuters video below the fold, this is the first vacuum to include recycled parts. Recycling cars to make vacuums will save two liters of oil and eighty liters ...

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    Trade in your old guzzler for cash in Canada

    Not long ago we discussed used American guzzlers being shipped en masse to Mexico. In the comments that ensued many of you didn't really seem to have a problem with that despite the fact that pollution, not to mention CO2, knows no border and affects the lungs and lives of all of us. There are ...

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    Need help convincing others to be green? Call on KAB Man!

    Above all of this here text, you should see the first of the currently three-part cartoon for series KAB Man, presented by "Keep America Beautiful", hence the name KAB Man. If our earlier post about Captain Planet was too old-school for you, maybe you'll like this better. Anyway, KAB Man ...

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    The Chevy Volt Concept: the inside story on its super-lightweight construction

    Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of the Chevy Volt.The Chevy Volt Concept was a true revelation at the Detroit Auto Show in January - a stunning combination of high-tech hybrid wizardry and edgy looks. GM received incredible kudos for its efforts and green car fans across the ...

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    EU drivers to get their old cars scrapped for free

    The European Union End of Life Vehicles directive has been extended to require car makers to scrap all their old cars free of charge. Previously the directive had required that cars produced post-2002 be scrapped for free. As the value of scrap metal has fallen, motorists in the United Kingdom have ...

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    EU's End-of-Life-Vehicle directive increases responsibility of motorists as well as manufacturers

    Auto Express is reporting that the European Union's End-of-Life-Vehicles (ELV) directive is now in full force. The biggest direct effect on motorists is that it makes the last registered owner of a car responsible for its proper disposal at an approved facility that uses environmentally friendly ...


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