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    Report: RelayRides buys car-sharing competitor Wheelz for keyless technology

    Think of this as a rare occasion where a General Motors collaborator is providing Ford with a little cash. A GM partner, peer-to-peer car-sharing operator RelayRides, is buying competitor Wheelz for an undisclosed amount, GigaOM reports. It's a bit of a stretch, but Ford is connected to ...

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    Official: OnStar vehicles now ready for car-sharing through RelayRides

    Nothing like a little rental income to help make the monthly payment on the Caddy, huh? General Motors, which said last fall that it reached an agreement with RelayRides to make people's personal vehicles available for car sharing, is doing just that. Tuesday, GM said that owners of cars ...

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    Official: Zipcar invests in Wheelz peer-to-peer carsharing network

    Could peer-to-peer car sharing be coming of age? The nascent business model got a huge shot in the arm today, in the form of $13.7 million of funding for Wheelz, a car sharing program based on college campuses. Zipcar, of course, is the 800-pound gorilla of the car sharing ecosystem, operating in ...

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    GM, RelayRides using OnStar to open up peer-to-peer car-sharing

    General Motors has formally established its first-ever car-sharing gig by signing a deal with peer-to-peer specialist RelayRides. GM's head of business development initiatives, Bob Tiderington, remarked:

    We could stand on the sidelines and watch or we could choose to participate and try to ...

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    RelayRides can turn anyone into a carsharer as it tries to "Reinvent the Wheels"

    Want to participate in car sharing but think that whole "I want to use a car when I need one" thing is only half the story? Then you might like RelayRides, a peer-to-peer car sharing network that add a leap of trust element to the Zipcar model. The idea is that owners can offer up their car for ...


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