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renault twizy

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    Official: Renault-Nissan has sold 200,000 EVs, claims 58 percent global share
    Most Of Those Are Due To Popular Leaf, Which Has Sold 67,000 In US 1417028160

    The all-electric Renault Zoe sold 10,000 units during its first year on sale and the French automaker has sold a total of about 51,500 EVs since starting sales of its four-vehicle EV lineup in 2011. Renault's collection also includes the Twizy two-seater, the Fluence sedan and the Kangoo van ...

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    Video: Renault Twizy meets Terry Gilliam in The Zero Theorem
    Low-speed quadricycle a perfect 'picture vehicle' for Monty Python alum 1402502280

    The little Renault Twizy electric vehicle is making its way to the big screen in a bizarre and futuristic new movie, The Zero Theorem. The film is from director Terry Gilliam, a Monty Python alumnus and director of the feature films Brazil, Twelve Monkeys and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. In ...

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    Video: Renault Twizy silently sneaks into university library

    "If you've never heard of the Renault Twizy, that's because it's silent." That's the tagline for a new video of a promotional stunt by the French automaker that sent the funky looking EV driving into a university library to show off how quiet it is. Get it? You aren't supposed to talk in a ...

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    Official: Renault Twizy is promoted as avant-garde for fashion-conscious French Riviera

    If promoting a car's utility, convenience, economy and environmental friendliness doesn't do the trick, an automaker can always fall back on one strategy: cool factor. Renault, which along with sister company Nissan is trying to lead the charge towards battery-electric vehicle adoption, is ...

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    Report: Nissan readying new urban EV, may have Land Glider or Qashqai guts

    Nissan says it will roll out an urban electric vehicle that's even better than alliance partner Renault's Twizy. While Renault is marketing the Twizy small electric car as an alternative to scooters on European streets, Nissan thinks its upcoming EV will have more to offer. Etienne Henry, ...

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    Official: Twizy Way gets a visit from Caterham F1 driver Charles Pic

    This isn't the first time the name F1 has been twisted with Twizy, but it's the first time that we know of that an F1 driver has gone to check out the all-electric Twizy Way carsharing effort. Charles Pic, who races with the Caterham F1 Team partnered by Renault, went to the "Twizy Way ...

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    Official: French Twizy EV dons odd new clothes, including Union Jack

    The UK division of Renault is promoting the Twizy two-seat electric vehicle with a new, six-minute video and is pitching its customization possibilities by making it available in designs that include the Union Jack. The video, which hypes Twizy's style quotient by showing its female "driver" ...

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    Official: Renault Twizy EV added to U.K.-based car-sharing service

    The Renault Twizy became the first electric vehicle to be offered in the U.K.-based WhipCar peer-to-peer car-sharing service after two Twizy owners in London and Glasgow made their cars available for rent. The Twizy vehicles will be available to rent for as low as 36 pounds ($57) a day. The cars ...

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    Report: Renault sells a surprising 1,000 Twizy electric vehicles in Germany

    For a car without side windows, the Renault Twizy sure is selling pretty well. At least, it is in Germany, where 1,000 units have sold since the car went on sale in the middle of April even though we're pretty sure it does rain there. The sales are doubly impressive given all the hesitancy about ...

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    Video: Renault Twizy: will it drift?

    By all accounts, the Renault Twizy is a surprisingly entertaining vehicle to drive. With its very low center of gravity, firm suspension and wheels at the extreme corners, it can whip around turns with extraordinary confidence. What happens though, if all its grip goes away? Will it ...

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    Video: Renault plugs Twizy EVs into Eiffel Tower, raves it up

    If you've been slacking on your doctor-recommended dose of electronic beats and French weirdness, Renault has you covered. The company has turned out a new video for its Twizy pod car featuring a gaggle of youth prowling Parisian streets in the early hours of the morning. The fleet of ...

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    Official: Renault Twizy EV goes on sale in UK for a cool $10,000*

    Renault's Twizy city electric vehicle went on sale in UK showrooms Friday, and the French automaker saying a less-powerful version will be available for sale starting next January. The 17-horsepower Twizy, which has a top speed of about 50 miles per hour and can be recharged in less than four ...

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    Report: Renault could sell low-speed Twizy; Nissan considering Leaf battery leases

    If anyone wondered what right-hand-drive donuts in a really light electric-vehicle looked like, we all may soon find out. Renault may launch a low-speed version of its battery-electric Twizy in the UK next year in an effort to capitalize on a law allowing for unlicensed drivers for some smaller ...

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    Official: Renault Twizy will hang on the walls at Champs Elysées art stage

    Looking a little bit like a car dealership from Inception, the new "Plug Into The Positive Energy" exhibit at the L'Atelier Renault stage on the Champs Elysées puts a vertical focus on the all-electric Renault Twizy. The quirky little EV has been used as decoration before, and we're slowly ...

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    Renault Twizy says hello to Paris in Colette store window

    It's not often that an automaker says this about its own car: "It looks like a toy and drives like a toy." Sure, Renault follows this up with, "but it isn't a toy," but by that point the message has been delivered: the all-electric Renault Twizy is not your usual vehicle. Maybe that's why a ...

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    Jean-Luc Moulène turns Renault Twizy into wild Body of art sculpture

    The styling of the funky all-electric Renault Twizy Z.E. has inspired artist Jean-Luc Moulène to create a just-as-funky contemporary sculpture. Called Body, Jean-Luc Moulène describes his modern masterpiece:

    Body and Twizy are two objects from a journey of reflection. This is ...

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    Report: Renault unleashes more details on electric Twizy trio

    More details, albeit of the UK-only flavor, have emerged on the upcoming trio of Renault Twizy electric two-seaters. Across the pond, French automaker Renault will offer three variations of the quirky Twizy: Urban, Colour and Technic. The bargain-basement version, the Urban, will start at ...

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    Report: Nissan's Twizy-based electric Mobility Concept to hit Japan's streets in October

    Nissan's Renault Twizy-based New Mobility Concept – an urban electric vehicle revealed back in November of 2010 – is just about ready to roam the roads in Japan. On September 29, Nissan announced that seven electric Mobility Concepts will hit public streets in and around Yokohama, ...

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    After driving the Renault Twizy, reviewer calls it "the only EV I could imagine owning"

    Renault Twizy – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When the Renault Twizy Z.E. goes on sale in Europe at the end of 2011, it will be one of the cheapest electric vehicles available. Starting at €6,990 (a more-than-reasonable $9,961 U.S. at today's exchange rate), the ...

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    Renault opens online reservations for three electric Twizy models, starting at just $9,923*

    At the Barcelona Motor Show, Renault announced that it's now accepting online reservations for its pair of electric Twizy models. The Twizy 45 starts at the bargain-basement price of just €6,990 (that's only $9,923 U.S. at today's exchange rate). Of course, at that price, you still need ...


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