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    Tesla Model S Coupe rendered, looks like a winner [w/poll]

    Our friend Theophilus Chin has a thing for creating Tesla vehicles that we can't have. Earlier this year, he made a digital Model ST wagon appear and he's now back with a sleek Tesla Model S Coupe. The rendered results, which you can see in the gallery, are an elegant, smaller take on the nearly ...

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    Report: Honda N600-derived retro city car revealed?

    A spate of images depicting what looks like a new kei car from Honda have jumped online. The diminutive five-door looks to have borrowed its lines from the N Concept 4 the Japanese automaker first showed off at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. That funky little machine lifted design elements from the ...

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    Is this what the production BMW i8 will look like?

    Judging from the spy photos we've seen recently, the BMW i8 is coming along nicely. With its more realistic bodywork, the hybrid supercar is beginning to look like something that actually belongs on public streets. Now Sonny Lim, former head of BMW DesignWorks, has taken a stab at what the ...

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    Report: Toyota patent hints at sportier iQ

    Toyota may be hard at work on a new version of the company's iQ microcar. The sleuths at Carscoop have managed to uncover a patent rendering of the fuel-sipping sub-compact wearing some considerably more aggressive bodywork. It's unclear whether these designs are meant for the U.S.-market iQ or ...

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    Rendered Speculation: VW Up! GTI

    Volkswagen recently revealed the production version of its dimunitive Up! ahead of its Frankfurt Motor Show reveal, and the Internet is already buzzing with probable varieties of the stylish subcompact. designer Seljakboy (A.K.A. Ivan Martinović) turned in his own interpretation of ...

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    Rendered Speculation: 2013 Nissan 370Z goes hybrid

    The good people of Road & Track have gone through the trouble of rendering the next-generation Nissan Z for everyone's viewing pleasure, and if their take on the vehicle is anything close to the mark, we can expect a much more streamlined appearance from the sports car in the near future. In ...

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    Rendered Speculation: A look at what the BMW "i10" Megacity might look like

    Come 2013, we know that BMW will launch a sub-brand called Megacity that will consist of battery electric vehicles aimed at urban use. We have no real idea what the first Megacity car will look like, but someone has taken a crack at trying to figure it out. This rendering consists of a compact ...

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    Fanciful rendering of Audi Avatar shows what ultralights could be like in 2032

    Audi Avatar Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    There are a lot of fanciful renderings out there that try to imagine what kind of vehicles we'll be driving in the coming decades. The renderings from Yanko Design are some of the strangest, including the latest, the Audi Avatar ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Pondering what an electric Audi R4 roadster would look like

    At last month's Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi board member Michael Dick confirmed that a production version of the electric eTron sports car concept would be produced by late 2012. Following the show, Audi NA president Johan de Nysschen confirmed that announcement and now AutoExpress has produced a ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Injecting excitement into Toyota with a Prius Coupe

    Rumors of a Prius coupe from Toyota have been floating around for at least a couple of years – to no avail. However, now that new Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda has decreed that Toyota needs some excitement in its lineup, and Honda has announced that the production CR-Z coupe will debut this fall, a ...

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    Rendered Speculation: MINI Speedster, chop the windshield, drop the back seat!

    One of the few brands to show any growth in 2008 was MINI, thanks to a combination of high fuel economy and fun to drive characteristics. The MINI convertible, in particular, is a fun sunny day conveyance. However, the back seat of the MINI is so small that it's virtually useless. What better way ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Return of the Smart ForFour?

    Earlier this decade, Smart decided to expand it's lineup with the addition of aroadster based on the original two-seat city car and a four-door, four-seat model. The ForFour was based on a front-engine, front drive Mitsubishi platform rather than the rear engine ForTwo architecture. AutoExpress is ...

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    Rendered Speculation: 2011 Nissan Versa

    Nissan's smallest car in the U.S. market is the Versa and it's due for a refresh. That new design is expected to appear in 2010 and will be built on the same platform that French partner Renault uses for the Megane. Like the current Versa, it will apparently be coming in both four-door sedan and ...

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    Rendered speculation: SEAT may get its own variant of BlueSport roadster

    It looks like there may be at least three different variations of the mid-engine roadster that Volkswagen introduced at the Detroit Auto Show last week. The concept BlueSport is based on a new modular architecture Volkswagen is developing that will allow for multiple configurations. If the car is ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Honda to intro A-segment car, challenge, iQ, up!, smart

    The smallest Honda we can currently get here in North America is the B-segment Fit. Back in Japan however, Honda has always offered smaller A-segment and the even smaller 660cc Kei-class cars. These have not been available outside of Japan but that could soon change. Honda will apparently be ...

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    Rendered speculation: Road&Track gives their take on Tesla Model S

    The December issue of Road & Track should be turning up on magazine racks and in mailboxes momentarily including a segment on new and future cars. Parts of it have already turned up online including this rendering of what they think the Tesla Model S will look like. Unfortunately, the reality ...

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    Reader provides Photoshop rendering of what production Volt might look like

    Over at the web-site, reader Scott has put his Photoshop skills to work creating a rendering of what the production Chevy Volt might look like. Working from one of the original images of the concept, the shots of the taped up wind tunnel model and what we've been previously told, ...


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