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    Official: Ecotricity offering 1,000 free EV miles to new customers

    Ecotricity is offering electric vehicle drivers in the United Kingdom an lengthy incentive for using green energy: 1,000 miles of free fast charging per year. Called "Green Electricity + Car," the program will power customers' homes with renewable power allow them to charge their cars through ...

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    Propel Fuels wants to reinvent gas stations as 'Clean Mobility Centers'

    Propel Fuels has opened up a refueling station in Fresno, CA, that's much more than just a gas station. It's a "Clean Mobility Center" that offers E85 and biodiesel from local producers along with conventional fuels, letting drivers make their own choices. Yet it's much than a fueling station ...

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    Official: Volkswagen will invest more than $55 billion to cut vehicle, factory emissions

    Volkswagen AG announced this week that it will spend more than $55 billion over the next four years reducing carbon emissions from both its vehicles and factories, as the German automaker looks to increase sales by boosting its credibility as an environmentally friendly vehicle maker. You can see ...

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    Phoenix Roadster weaves bamboo into biodegradable vehicle

    Bamboo offers plenty of advantages over traditional manufacturing materials. Besides being a fast-growing plant that can be produced in a range of environments, bamboo can be impressively strong and rigid. Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue and German product designer Albercht Birkner have teamed ...

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    Ford goes cuckoo for coconuts with Scotts Miracle-Gro

    Ford and the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company are researching the use of coir (coconut fiber) as a reinforcement for the automaker's molded plastic components. The coconut coir (or husks, as they are more commonly called) currently make up a waste stream from Scotts' soil and seed division. Once the ...

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    STUDY: U.S. subsidises fossil fuels 2.5 times more than renewables

    Listen to the messages coming out of Washington, D.C. and you'd think we're spending all our available money on clean and green technologies, things like algae biofuels, cleaner cars and advanced batteries. Turns out, this isn't remotely true. According to a new study that reviewed fossil fuel ...

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    Amyris completes synthetic biofuel pilot plant

    Aside from AIG, not many companies are having parties these days. One exception is Oakland, CA-based Amyris Biotechnologies. Amyris just held a modest party at its headquarters to celebrate the completion of a pilot plant to produce biofuel. Amyris has developed genetically-engineered yeasts that ...

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    Europe scales back crop biofuels requirements

    Support for crop-based biofuels is falling in many parts of the world, including Europe. When the European Commission proposed that 10 percent of road transport fuel should come from renewable sources by 2020 it didn't specify what types of renewable energy should be used. The European Parliament's ...

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    Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation from DfT now in effect

    The U.K. has been planning on requiring 2.5 percent of all road fuels sold to come from biofuels, rising to 5 percent by 2010, as part of a plan known as the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO). The time has finally come for that plan to commence, as April 15 marked its official ...

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    Poll shows us the obvious: Americans heart renewable fuels

    A poll conducted by the Clean Fuels Development Coalition over nearly 2,200 people says that 88 percent of adults are of the opinion that the U.S. should pursue alternative fuels to decrease our dependence on foreign oil. Really?? Amazing. More interestingly, 72 percent of adults blame the increase ...

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    Brazil moves mandatory B5 target forward to 2010

    Brazil has already proved themselves to be an aggressive supporter of ethanol, and currently produces more of the renewable petrol substitute than any other country. Now they're looking to biodiesel as another way to produce a renewable, locally produced fuel. With a significant biodiesel industry ...

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    Minnesota passes legislation to generate 25 percent renewable energy by 2020

    The Minnesota Senate has passed their state's Renewable Energy Standard requiring Minnesota utilities to generate a minimum 25 percent of their electricity renewably by 2025. Xcel Energy is to jump the gun and aim for 30 percent renewable generation by 2020. There is a back door clause however ...

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    California's largest utility looks to the wind to power EVs

    As discussed in URGE² theory, utilising the grid to overcome the supply intermittency of renewable energy sources is a critical step in moving forward towards a green energy future. Californian utility giant Pacific Gas & Electric Co. is looking to do just that by combining the overnight ...

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    A call to URGEČ - Use Renewably Generated Electricity, Efficiently

    In a lengthy, two-part editorial, David Roberts, a staff writer at Grist, presents his position on unifying the green lobby around the flag of URGE2: Use Renewably Generated Electricity, Efficiently. He is expecting bumper stickers and t-shirts - here's why.Mine negawatts: The cheapest source of ...

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    ConocoPhillips produces renewable desiel fuel in Ireland

    One thousand barrels a day of renewable diesel fuel is being created in Cork, Ireland by ConocoPhillips. The fuel is created using mostly soybean oils and meets EU standards for diesel fuels. No additional equipment was needed at the factory for production of the new fuel, and it is being ...


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