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    Report: Tesla Model S rentals in the UK are crazy expensive

    The bad news about trying to rent a Tesla Model S electric vehicle in the UK for a day is that it will run you about $580. The good news? You get 200 free miles worth of driving. The good news? Considering British fuel prices of about $9 a gallon and fact that the average fuel economy in the UK ...

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    Official: FlightCar carsharing program lands at LAX

    Just in time for the holiday travel rush, FlightCar is expanding to the Los Angeles airport. The why-don't-you-rent-out-your-car-while-you're-away carsharing service started in San Francisco and is also available in Boston. Now the money-making scheme will be on offer at the world's sixth-busiest ...

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    Official: Hertz will try out wireless EV chargers from Plugless Power

    Hertz will be the first rental car company to try out a wireless recharging system for its fleet of electric-drive vehicles. Hertz, whose fleet includes Nissan Leaf battery-electric vehicles and Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-ins, will install the system at its headquarters in Park Ridge, ...

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    Report: Airbnb considering car sharing service

    If you have a vacation home that's currently vacant, an apartment you can part with, or you're simply going to be away from your home for an extended period, Airbnb allows you to turn your empty house or apartment into a temporary rental unit. Potential guests can peruse images of empty lofts, ...

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    Enterprise exec urges environmental sustainability in car rental industry

    At the 2011 Car Rental Show in Las Vegas, NV, Lee Broughton, Enterprise Holdings' corporate sustainability head, urged rental companies to aim for 'economic, social and environmental sustainability' – what he dubbed as the 'triple bottom line.' Broughton points out that with 1.6 million ...

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    Rental agencies having a hard time upgrading customers

    There has been a longstanding tradition among car rental agencies to push renters up to bigger, more expensive models. Not that it was all that difficult to do, considering that Americans tend to prefer larger vehicles when all other aspects are equal. Now, though, not all of those aspects are ...

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    Avis doing away with paper clutter

    There's lots more to being a green company in the automotive realm than offering low carbon-output machines, whether you sell them to the public or rent them, like Avis. According to Avis, not only do its consumers prefer not to have their rental cars cluttered with unnecessary brochures and ...

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    Rent a green (tomato) car in London

    If you have the chance to travel to London and need to rent a car while there, consider Green Tomato Cars. This company allows you to choose a Toyota Prius for the same price as their other vehicle offerings. They also plant trees to help offset the emissions of their cars. Additionally, they ...

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    Hertz offering "Green Collection"

    A new Green Collection of cars from Hertz will feature vehicles with fuel economy ratings of 28mpg or better. Included in the 35,000-car collection will be the Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion, Buick LaCrosse and Hyundai Sonata. Many of the vehicles also carry EPA SmartWay certification, indicating lower ...


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