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    Exclusive: BMW i3 EV will have lower insurance, repair costs thanks to carbon fiber

    What you see above is the carbon fiber frame that underpins the BMW i3. This lightweight material will allow the plug-in vehicle to set itself apart from the competition in a lot of ways (weight, most importantly, but also space and rigidity), but what we didn't expect was that the newfangled ...

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    Report: VW XL1 gets augmented reality repair app

    With a pricetag of about $150,000, buyers of the upcoming, limited-edition Volkswagen XL1 will probably wish that the repair bills be "virtual" as well, but VW's new "augmented reality" feature will only apply to the repairs themselves, at least for now. Europe's biggest automaker, which is ...

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    Will the green car revolution bring about the end of local mechanics and garages?

    Photo by gailf548. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0. digg_url = ''; Over the weekend, I met a guy at a party who's been a mechanic for the last 15 years. Once we told each other what we do with our ...


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