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replacement battery

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    Official: Nissan prices replacement Leaf battery at $5,500
    This Drops New Pack Cost To Under $270-Per-kWh 1403898300

    The battery pack is the single most expensive component in a plug-in vehicle and, until now, figuring out the cost to replace one has been a bit of a mystery. Last year, Nissan tried a $100/month price for a new battery in its popular Leaf, but was loudly criticized for that attempt. Today, ...

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    Official: Tesla adds replacement battery pack costs to price increase details

    Price increases are common in the automotive industry so the recent $2,500 jump in prices for upcoming Tesla Model S vehicles wasn't exactly a surprise. Still, most vehicle MSRPs don't go up two-and-a-half grand, and so to explain why the price for the award-winning electric vehicle was so ...

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    Nissan addresses Leaf battery life, replacement costs

    Hundreds, not thousands. That's the word from Nissan's chief vice-president of global marketing communications, Simon Sproule, who believes that after five years of repeated use, the battery pack in the Nissan Leaf may require some maintenance, but not complete replacement. Nissan states that ...


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