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    Study: Renault study proves, again, EVs are cleaner than gas or oil burners

    When it comes to the environmental impact of producing electricity, Renault is probably hoping that things haven't changed too much over the past 21 months. That's because we're just now getting to see some numbers that the company was using almost two years ago. The French automaker, which ...

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    Official: EV sales would be spurred by more rental opportunities, UK report says

    Electric vehicle makers like Nissan and Renault have long preached that giving more people the chance to drive a plug-in is key to spurring EV sales. Now, a UK report says that the best was to make this happen is to get more EVs into the rental market. UK's Royal Automobile Club (RAC) Foundation ...

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    Official: Toyota claims green progress in 2012 environmental report

    The world's biggest maker of hybrid vehicles said its energy consumption per vehicle is down 15 percent during the past decade while greenhouse gas emissions per vehicle fell seven percent since 2008. These are just two of the details Toyota announced in its release of the latest North American ...

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    Tokyo 2009: Mazda debuts next-gen SKY clean engines, transmission and Kiyora concept

    Mazda Kiyora Concept set to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Mazda just dumped a bunch of info about their next generation clean engines that will be officially unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in October, and we have two words for you: direct and diesel. ...

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    Grid Manager: Plug-in autos are OK if charged overnight or else

    Plug-in hybrids are a hot topic right now. But there are many who question if our electric grid will be able to support a massive influx of EVs and plug-in hybrids? Those who know often say "yes," "yes" and "yes" again. We can now add Stephen Whitley, president of the New York Independent System ...

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    REPORT: Chrysler headed into bankruptcy as debt talks fail

    It looks like the concessions and government intervention aren't going to be enough to keep Chrysler out of bankruptcy. The AP is reporting that talks between Chrysler's lenders and the Treasury Department have broken down, meaning the company will not be able to reduce its $6.9 billion in secured ...

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    DOE & USDA study proves biodiesel massively reduces dangerous emissions

    digg_url = ''; The U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Agriculture have published the results of the Biodiesel Lifecycle Inventory Study which looked at energy resources consumed ...


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