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    Report: Republican control of Congress could affect US biofuel policy, Uber and Lyft
    To Be Sure, The Future Is Unclear 1415664120

    Green transportation issues were not at the top of this year's midterm elections in the US, but the sweeping Republican victories – and probably new Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell – could affect at least some aspects of how we get around without using as many resources as we ...

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    Read This: Is Tesla Motors becoming a Republican darling?

    The general political attitudes taken by the left and right in the US are, sadly, divided on the issue of fuel efficient vehicles. Broadly speaking, Republicans dislike the whole idea (even going to absurd extremes like Newt Gingrich saying that inflating your tires helps Big Oil) while Democrats ...

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    Official: Sarah Palin calls Tesla a 'loser,' which 'wounds' CEO Elon Musk

    Wasn't it the 2012 presidential race that featured Republican candidates disparaging electric vehicle companies? Well, yes, but that doesn't mean the 2008 vice presidential candidate (and Ex-Alaska governor) Sarah Palin can't do the same. In a Facebook post that bashed subsidies for ...

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    Report: Can we credit the Tea Party for ending ethanol tax credit?

    The Tea Party movement was a key factor in ending corn-based ethanol subsidies because it pushed Republican candidates to speak out against spending, in this case monies that would provide little benefit to the transportation industry while exacerbating the national debt and deficit ...

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    Report: House panel attempting to block EPA from regulating tailpipe emissions

    The Clean Air Act of 2007 gave the Environmental Protection Agency the right to regulate tailpipe emissions due to their dangers to public health. The law also gave states like California the right to set their own emissions policies; a move that could force automakers to meet several different ...

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    A look into the politics of plug-in vehicles

    With the U.S. mid-term elections over and control of the House of Representatives shifting over to Republican control, it's worth trying to figure out what the legislative future holds for plug-in vehicle support. The short answer, as best we can tell: it's complicated, but there are still a lot ...

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    Sen. Bill Frist uses Cash for Clunkers, junks Suburban for Prius

    2010 Toyota Prius - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Apparently, it's a common misconception that all Prius drivers are Democrats. Not true. In fact, recently retired Senator Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) just got himself a shiny new hybrid hatchback from Toyota. The former senator even got a few ...

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    How do you get a Republican to buy a hybrid?

    The new Honda Insight is supposed to be the "hybrid for everyone," but does that include Republicans? A new Wall Street Journal article runs down the well-known tale of how, mostly, the people who drive hybrids are on the left side of American politics (remember this?). From there, Democratic ...


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