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    Breaking: Henrik Fisker resigns due to "major disagreements" with other execs [UPDATE]

    The last time we talked to Henrik Fisker, he was a non-stop stream of optimism about the company he cofounded to build luxury plug-in hybrid automobiles. This, despite a ton of negative developments for the company in 2012. His outlook has taken a turn, apparently, since Fisker has reportedly ...

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    Executive shake-up underway at Ener1 as CEO resigns

    The bankruptcy of Think Global is dragging Ener1 down even more, so an executive shake-up, it seems, is in order. Ener1 announced changes to its senior leadership team this week, including the resignation of Charles Gassenheimer, the man formerly in charge as the Chief Executive Officer of ...

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    Report: Boston-Power CEO, CFO, founder resign amidst shift of resources to China

    Here we tell the tale of an executive shake-up of epic proportions. Keith Schmid, chief executive officer Boston-Power, a Massachusetts-based company that designs and manufacturers application-specific lithium-ion batteries, has reportedly resigned amidst word that the firm will soon shift some ...


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