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    Official: EPA: 10% of all US fuel now renewable, but that might be our limit

    The EPA's Renewable Fuel Standards for 2013 have been finalized, and it's a good billion gallons more than it was last year. In 2012, the EPA set the Renewable Fuel Standard (aka RFS2) limits at 15.2 billion gallons. In 2013, the number has grown to 16.55 billion gallons, and so, the EPA says, ...

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    EPA sets 2012 renewable fuel standard proposal at 15.2 billion gallons

    For 2012, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is once again upping the level for how much renewable fuel the U.S. should use in the Agency's Renewable Fuel Standard program (aka RFS2). The EPA's proposed targets are: Biomass-based diesel (1.00 billion gallons; 0.91 ...

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    EPA's 2011 RFS2 numbers slash cellulosic ethanol target by 97 percent

    On top of certifying plug-in vehicles with mpg and mpge ratings (Chevy Volt, 93 mpge; Nissan Leaf, 99) and delaying E15 decisions, the EPA is also tasked with figuring out the 2011 Renewable Fuel Standards. Today, the agency finalized the 2011 percentage standards for the four categories of fuel ...

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    EPA issues 2011 update to Renewable Fuel Standard program (RFS2)

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced what it thinks the 2011 percentage standards for the Renewable Fuel Standard program (aka RFS2) should be. The EPA proposed that the overall volumes and standards for the four fuels categories in the program should be: Biomass-based ...

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    EPA finalizes biofuel rules, says corn ethanol beats gasoline in GHG emissions

    Yesterday, the Obama Administration announced new biofuel rules for a Renewable Fuels Standard (aka RFS2) and there's a lot for ethanol producers to love in there. One of the important items in the rules is how the EPA will calculate greenhouse gas emissions from biofuels. Here are the numbers ...

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    White House, EPA move forward on biofuel promotion and rules

    The U.S. biofuel industry gets a potential boost and some new rules from the federal government this week. First, the White House – which sort of passed over biofuels with nothing more than a tiny shout-out in the State of the Union speech last week – said in a 14-page report that the ...


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