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    Official: Ricardo says only 'minor electrification' needed to reach 2025 CAFE standards

    Ricardo Plc appears to be adhering to an "it takes a village" approach to ratcheting up US fleetwide fuel economy levels to the higher Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards the federal government set for 2025. Last year, the US government finalized the new CAFE standards, which call for ...

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    Official: Lighter, better battery for small electric vehicles is SmartBatt's goal

    A European consortium known as SmartBatt believes that something critical and essential is missing for pure electric vehicle technology – battery packs that aren't heavy and bulky. Therefore, SmarBatt's objective is to develop an innovative, multifunctional, light and safe energy storage ...

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    Jaguar Land Rover selects Ricardo as key strategic supplier

    Back in November 2010, Jaguar Land Rover announced that it was investing heavily in infrastructure, research and development and advanced technologies. Such plans require intensive product development within a limited time frame and it is because of this the company has enlisted the assistance of ...

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    Ricardo finds E15 is no problem for older vehicles

    1997 Pontiac Grand Prix fuel tank
    Last October, the EPA approved the use of E15 (a fuel consisting of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline) in 2007 and newer vehicles. Then, this January, the Agency deemed that the biofuel could be safely used in model year 2001-2006 vehicles. However, ...

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    European automaker gets help from A123 Systems, Axeon, Ricardo for upcoming plug-in hybrid

    An undisclosed, established European automaker has enlisted the expertise of UK-based lithium-ion systems supplier Axeon, the assistance of leading UK engineering firm Ricardo and the battery know-how of A123 Systems for collaboration on an upcoming plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV). The trio, along ...

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    New York 2010: PEP Stations are the "credit-card friendly" way to charge your electric car

    PEP Station – Click above for high-res image gallery
    An example of the PEP Station – the charging stations from Michigan-based company PEP Stations – is on display at the New York Auto Show this week, giving potential electric vehicle (EV) drivers the chance to see what their ...

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    Ricardo and Qinetiq announce reduced-cost lithium-ion battery

    Ricardo and Qinetiq announced a new technology to produce cheaper lithium-ion batteries this week. Called Red Lion, the key to their claimed achievement is a new chemistry inside the cells. Instead of using cobalt cells, Red Lion batteries use iron sulphide which have an added benefit of weight ...

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    Ricardo's HyBoost tries to refine ICE to emit 30-40% fewer CO2 emissions

    While the search for alternatives to the internal combustion engine continues at labs across the world, work hasn't stopped on those traditional powerplants. Auto parts supplier Ricardo, for example, had just announced its HyBoost project, which aims to reduce the CO2 emissions of a " ...

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    Ricardo and Williams team on KinerStor flywheel hybrid demonstration

    In the run up to the 2009 Formula One season, most of the teams developed hybrid kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS) as an optional way to get a power boost. While most of the systems ultimately were not raced because the extra power was not enough to overcome the weight penalty, there were ...

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    Ricardo consults with federal government on establishing new CAFE rules

    All too often, government policies are set by politicians and bureaucrats based solely on ideology rather than facts. With this week's announcement that the Obama administration will impose the equivalent of the California greenhouse gas emissions rules on a national level, it's good to hear that ...

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    Sentience Research Vehicle shows how tons of data can save millions of barrels of oil

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Sentience Research Vehicle
    How smart does a car have to be before it starts saving you money and reduces your fuel usage? You can make any car a bit smarter by driving more sensibly, but a team of engineers in the UK has decided to give an SUV a few more ...

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    Ricardo ups efficiency with Ethanol Boosted Direct Injection system

    There isn't anything new about boosting an engine through the use of a turbocharger or supercharger, and direct injection is becoming more and more common as well. As you're surely aware by now, it's also rather common for an automaker to create engines that can run on alcohol fuels like ethanol. ...

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    Ricardo opens new battery test lab in Michigan

    This week, Ricardo officially opened its new Battery Systems Development Center in Van Buren, MI. The battery lab is claimed to be the biggest of its kind and, as a consultant, Ricardo is opening the facility to anyone developing energy storage systems for hybrid and electric vehicles. Ricardo is ...

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    Ricardo designates new global hybrid product group director

    British company Ricardo, know for its efforts in cleaning up powertrains, has decided to give a boost to its hybrid developments by hiring a new Group Director. The new appointee is Dr. Roger Thornton, who has more than 25 years of experience in power electronics based systems for transportation ...

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    Ricardo, Jaguar and Land Rover get UK funding for eco-projects

    As part of the Technology Strategy Board's (TSB) ongoing efforts of promoting and supporting research into environmentally friendly automotive technology, the group has given funding to Ricardo, Jaguar and Land Rover for quite a few separate projects. Five of the projects are outlined here: ...

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    AFS Trinity and Ricardo have a plan to bring 150 mpge SUV to fleet operators

    click photo to enlargeFollowing AFS Trinity's 150 mpg SUV's recent Earth Day Tour (and, of course, the vehicle's presence at the Detroit Auto Show), there's a bit of potential good news regarding how this vehicle might actually make it to customers' hands. Today, AFS Trinity Power Corporation and ...

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    2/4SIGHT engine concept switches between 2 and 4 stroke operation

    Until electric cars and their associated technologies (motors, batteries, controllers etc.) become mainstream, the internal combustion engine will need to be further refined in order to meet upcoming fuel economy requirements and current emissions regulations -- while still producing the power that ...

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    Ricardo announces Battery Systems Development Center in Detroit

    There is much more to building complete battery packs for electric cars and hybrids than most people think about. Sure, cells are available - they are powering the laptop that this story is being written on. Just ask Tesla about taking a few thousand of those batteries and turning them into a unit ...

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    Ricardo gets award for High Performance Engineering

    Engineering consultancy Ricardo has won an award for High Performance Engineering. The prize came from an organization with a name that could only be British, The Worshipful Company of Coachmakers and Coach Harness Makers of London. The award was in recognition of Ricardo's work on the dual clutch ...

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    Ricardo sees opportunity in new fuel economy regulations

    While the corporate average fuel economy requirements in the energy bill that was passed last week mean a lot of extra work for automakers, some see it as an opportunity. One of those is Ricardo. The engineering consultancy that specializes in power-train work has set up a new unit called Total ...


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