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richard branson

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    Motorsports: Virgin Racing signs Jaime Alguersuari, Sam Bird for Formula E

    The roster of eligible drivers for the nascent FIA Formula E Championship keeps growing. This time it's Virgin Racing which has brought in the latest recruits, and they're both proven drivers with real race experience behind them. In one corner we have Jaime Alguersuari (pictured above at left), ...

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    Tesla's Elon Musk named one of Time's 100 most influential people

    Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin may have called Elon Musk's company a "loser" earlier this month, but Time magazine – not to mention Virgin Group chief Richard Branson – begs to differ. Musk, the Tesla Motors chief, made Time's list of the world's 100 most influential ...

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    U.S. military warns of oil production shortage by 2015

    The U.S. military thinks we're one step closer to peak oil, the point at which oil demand will forever outstrip oil supply, and therefore we're one step closer to fighting over the last rusting cans of gasoline like so many scraps of meat. On the plus side, we're also one step closer to finally ...

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    Richard Branson's Energy Security Industry Taskforce expects Peak Oil "potentially" by 2015

    Sir Richard Branson has kicked around quite a few green transportation projects over the years – he loved then hated biofuels for cars (some biofuel production methodss, at least), his Virgin Airlines used biofuels to fly from London to Amsterdam and he talked to Saab – but now we might ...

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    Branson wants to buy Honda team only if F1 goes green and cuts costs

    Richard Branson would like to go racing with his Virgin brand that is known around the world. The withdrawal of Honda from Formula One at the close of 2008 provided a perfect opportunity to pick up all the pieces that are needed on the cheap. But you don't get to be as wealthy as Sir Richard by ...

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    Richard Branson to start Virgin Climate Change? Not exactly

    Richard Branson, he of the various Virgin Enterprises, has attached its name to a staggering array of ventures. Not the least of those is Virgin Galactic, which is currently hard at work sending space-age aircraft into heretofore uncharted territory. Space Ship Two and White Knight Two are the two ...

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    Richard Branson's quest to fund the extraction of greenhouse gases

    "We have only our own ingenuity and we have no hope of a meaningful solution unless we find a way to work together. Necessity is the mother of invention." - Richard Branson Virgin Empire giant Richard Branson is willing to put his money where his mouth is. Citing the Ansari X Prize as partial ...

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    Richard Branson promotes alternative fuel movement by driving a Saab 9-5 BioPower

    Sir Richard Branson has taken delivery of a Saab 9-5 BioPower car. Known for his commitment to fight global warming, Branson says the use of biofuels should be expanded to many industries. Branson's Virgin transportation companies, including Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Trains, are going to reinvest ...

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    Virgin Group pledges $3 billion to fight global warming at CGI

    MSNBC reports that today in New York at the Clinton Global Initiative, a conference focused on the world's economic, health and energy issues, Richard Branson pledged to commit all the profits from his transportation businesses over 10 years, estimated at about $3 billion, to fight global warming. ...


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