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    Tesla does Dallas
    California Automaker Opens New Gallery, Not A Store, In Texas 1403533380

    Despite not being allowed to actually sell cars on site - or even offer a test drive - Tesla has opened its newest venue in Texas. As of Friday, NorthPark Center mall in Dallas is home to the newest Tesla Gallery. Don't call it a Store! Employees at the gallery can't even discuss ...

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    Read This: Is Tesla Motors becoming a Republican darling?

    The general political attitudes taken by the left and right in the US are, sadly, divided on the issue of fuel efficient vehicles. Broadly speaking, Republicans dislike the whole idea (even going to absurd extremes like Newt Gingrich saying that inflating your tires helps Big Oil) while Democrats ...

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    Video: Governor Rick Perry backs bid for Tesla Stores in Texas

    It's funny how the prospect of a $5-billion investment in a state has the ability to focus minds. Take Texas, for example. The Lone Star State has long had laws prohibiting automakers from selling directly to consumers, even if the manufacturer didn't already sell through franchise ...

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    Mitt Romney ready to exploit all U.S. energy reserves; Rick Perry still climate change skeptic

    As the Republican primary slowly heats up, the leading candidates are starting to define their energy plans they would implement if they are elected. At last night's debate, Texas Governor Rick Perry made his position clear: global warming is a crock (never mind the National Academy of Sciences, ...

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    Texas governor supports $5,000 incentive for plug-in vehicles

    Photo by wili_hybrid. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.
    Here's a benefit to living with dirty air in Texas: getting $5,000 off the price of your plug-in hybrid vehicle. That's the amount being proposed in the state legislature and supported by Gov. Rick Perry. In the governor's state of ...

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    Is the solution to severe smog in Houston more time?

    Move over Los Angeles, the city of Houston, Texas is now also officially on the "severe smog problem" list. The reclassification was requested by Governor Rick Perry last year and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made the change last Thursday. This move from "moderate" bypasses the level ...

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    Texas denied reduced ethanol requirements by EPA

    Texas Governor Rick Perry had requested that the EPA revise its Renewable Fuels Standard requirement to lessen the amount of ethanol for use in automobiles. Between September 1 of this year till August 31 of 2009, the EPA has mandated that 9 billion gallons of ethanol be blended into gasoline, a ...

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    Texas governor REALLY wants coal gassification plant

    The US Department of Energy is looking for a site for their FutureGen demonstration power-plant project, and Texas Governor Rick Perry really, really wants it to be built in Texas. Perry has committed $20 million of state funds to the project, to help make it happen. The experimental plant is ...


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