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rio de janeiro

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    Motorsports: Formula E drops Rio from inaugural season calendar

    If you've been looking forward to Formula E kicking off its inaugural season of electric racing and holding an event in Brazil, you were probably pretty stoked to see that the calendar included a race in Rio de Janeiro. As well you should: while Brazil has been a mainstay of the Formula One ...

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    Official: Rio de Janeiro, Renault-Nissan will try to accelerate EV production in Brazil

    Government officials in Rio de Janeiro will work with sister companies Renault and Nissan to accelerate the process of getting electric vehicles built in Brazil. A new memorandum of understanding between the organizations also includes Petrobras Distribuidora, Light, Ampla and Rio ...

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    Challenge Bibendum: Audi's E100-capable A5 can get to 25 mpg and 146 mph

    E100-capable Audi A5 prototype – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When we saw an Audi A5 quattro with the words "Ethanol E100" at the Challenge Bibendum in Rio de Janiero recently, we knew it was something unusual. It was so different, in fact, that it's taken Audi PR until today to ...

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    Rio de Janeiro will increase biodiesel in buses from B2 to B5

    Rio de Janeiro state government announced a new environmental program that makes compulsory the use of B5 (5 percent biodiesel blended with regular diesel) for all buses in the state. The official goal is to have 18,300 buses running with B5 by the end of 2008. A pilot test during 4 months will be ...


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