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road tax

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    Official: GM opposes Washington State's proposed electric vehicle fee that has "no merit"

    General Motors has gone on record to oppose a Washington State bill that would impose a fee of $100 per year on electric-vehicle drivers. GM Regional Director Howard Lenox, Jr. wrote a letter on March 6 to Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire stating that the automaker, which makes the ...

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    Study: Americans prefer tolls over fuel taxes... how about you?

    One fact seems indisputable: Americans have come to hate taxes and any suggestion by a politician to raise them is tantamount to political suicide. The problem is that public infrastructure requires funding – and lots of it. Critics of this disparity would argue that a lack of political ...

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    How best to tax EVs? Probably not with Washington's $100 flat rate

    Making the transition to electrified vehicles will bring with it a vast array of issues that will need to be dealt with. There are, of course, the obvious problems of charging EVs in urban areas and disposal and recycling of batteries. Then there is the problem of taxation. Vehicles need paved ...

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    Get your Geld ready: Germany issues final draft on CO2-based taxes

    Changing the road tax legislation in Germany wasn't an easy thing to do. This tax is managed at the state level, but a nationwide modification will be enforced now that the German federal government has decided to give €9 billion in compensation to the states. The new road tax, like similar ...

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    Transportation Secretary's mileage tax idea never leaves the ground

    Over the weekend, we heard that the new Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood (R), was considering implementing a tax on the number of miles people drive each year to raise the funds for road infrastructure. The idea was solidly rejected by our readers - and very quickly by the Obama Administration. ...

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    Germany gives bonus to old car scrappers, prepares CO2-based road tax

    Photo by Snowmanradio. Under CCL 2.0
    The Federal Government of Germany has decided to offer something never seen before in the country: €2,500 cash when you purchase a new car, as long as you also get rid of a car which is at least nine years old and has held a German registration plate for ...

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    UK's expensive CO2-based tax system re-examined

    Currently, the UK has one of the most expensive car taxation systems in the world. Besides VAT (sales tax) at time of purchase, drivers in Britain must pay fuel taxes and a road tax (Vehicle Excise Duty) a corporate tax (for fleets), and sometimes a Congestion Charge, as in London. Manchester is ...

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    Ford lines up low-CO2 offerings across the range to benefit from new VED regulations

    Ford UK has announced improvements to the C-Max model that bring the car into the important sub-120g/km of CO2 range. The 1.6 TDCi models now emit just 119g/km and that means the Vehicle Excise Duty has been reduced from £120 to £35 (£30 starting in April). With this improvement, ...

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    Spain to study changes for road tax system based on CO2 emissions

    Until now, Spain was known for having a simple system to tax cars based on CO2 emissions. It's called "Impuesto de matriculación," which we can roughly translate as "registration tax." However, this tax is paid at purchase and there's no further effect during the life cycle of the vehicle. ...

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    New road taxes may be necessary in the wake of high gas prices

    According to James Ray, Acting Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration, the current system of deriving money for the upkeep of the nations roadways is "unpredictable and unsustainable." He adds, "Without a doubt, our federal approach to transportation is broken, and no amount of ...

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    66% of U.K. car buyers will go green in order to save money

    A win is a win, right? We're content to consider the fact that two-thirds of new car buyers in the U.K. are considering going green for their next car purchase a good thing, despite the fact that most of them are doing so to save money, not the environment. What Car? group editor Steve Fowler says ...

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    UK road tax scheme appears to lack any logic

    So much has been written already regarding London Mayor Ken Livingstone's new road tax that we never really spent too much time analyzing the plan itself. Fortunately, though, Clean Green Cars did it for us. EDIT: The Vehicle Excise Duty is different than the new congestion charge that Ken ...

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    Europe wants to regulate road tax based on emissions

    The taxes paid in each of the 27 country members of the European Union differ considerably from one country to another. We're speaking not only about the purchase tax (usually Sales Tax, or Value Added Tax, and sometimes Immatriculation) but also the road tax, which drivers have to pay annually in ...

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    The impact of road tax changes in the UK

    Europe has been changing the taxing system on cars to adapt it to emissions. As a general rule, the more CO2 a car emits through the tailpipe, the higher its taxes are. In general, cars in Europe pay two types of taxes. One type is the purchase taxes, which depends a lot on the country. Then you ...


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