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rolling resistance

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    Motorsports: Nissan, Michelin working on special eco tires for ZEOD RC

    As Nissan neared completion of its ZEOD RC electric racer, the automaker approached Michelin with a challenge: make us some racing tires with low rolling resistance that also have a high level of grip. Nissan wanted the tires for it ZEOD RC (Zero Emission on Demand Racing Car) electric car, ...

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    Report: Continental's Conti.eContract tires are all dressed up for electric vehicles

    Continental will start selling a line of tires geared specifically for electric vehicles this year that will be designed to limit road friction and boost energy efficiency, Green Car Congress reports. Continental's Conti.eContract tire will be sold in n sizes (125/80R13 and 145/40R13) later ...

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    EU could effectively kill high performance cars by banning their tires

    The idea of reducing the rolling resistance of tires to improve efficiency is certainly not a new one. Tire manufacturers have been making improvements in this area for years. Most electric and hybrid vehicles use extremely low rolling resistance tires in order to cut rolling drag to a bare ...

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    Frankfurt 2007 video: Michelin's Energy Saver tire

    Michelin has a new low resistance tire called Energy Saver and they brought it to the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Michelin demonstration of the tire at the show has two cars on a slope rolling back and fourth. The car with the Energy Saver tires continues to roll 18 seconds longer than the car ...


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