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    Rumormill: Kia Soul EV might cost $35,000, have a range of 120 miles

    With company cousin Hyundai busy working on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, Kia has said it will bring a battery-powered EV to market some time in 2014. We've seen the Ray EV (above), but that was a limited-run production vehicle destined for fleets in Korea. The follow-up is the electrified Soul, ...

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    Report: Lexus LF-LC super coupe concept pondered for production

    Autocar reports Lexus may be mulling a production version of the company's LF-LC Concept. After receiving a near universally positive reception following its unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show this year, Karl Schlicht, head of Lexus product planning, reportedly gave the vehicle a 50-50 shot at ...

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    Report: Future Mitsubishis may each get their own EV model

    Word on the web is that Mitsubishi is bracing for the electrification of the automobile in a big way. According to Motor Trend, the Japanese automaker is in the midst of developing all of its future products so that they easily support an EV drivetrain or an internal combustion get up. That line ...

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    Rumormill: From fortwo to forfour; now a smart forthree roadster?

    smart used to have a model called the Roadster (and the Roadster coupé), which wasn't too much of a commercial success. The model wasn't ugly and had decent enough performance with its small 3-cyl engine thanks to its low weight. Still, smart only sold a little more than 43,000 units in the ...

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    Follow-up: Toyota may not produce hybrid Yaris after all

    2009 Toyota Yaris - Click above for high-res image gallery
    A Toyota insider is countering yesterday's report that the automaker is planning a Yaris-based hybrid to be built in France. Such a vehicle would be unnecessary, according to the unnamed source. Today's Toyota Yaris is already a fuel ...

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    Enter the rumormill: Dacia to produce low-cost Smart competitor?

    The smart fortwo, Toyota iQ and VW Up! are surely good ideas: they represent the just about the smallest cars possible for effortless city and suburban driving. However, if you follow their European prices, you'll know they are on the expensive side of the lists. These urban cruisers might soon be ...

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    Enter the rumormill: Prius minivan on the works?

    Many reports forecast that hybrid powertrains will be present in all car segments in the coming years. But not much has been said about using hybrid powertrains in minivans (a few things here and there, but that's it). Since soccer moms (and dads!) could surely use savings at the pump, a rumor on ...

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    Nissan's EV forays leading to wireless recharging?

    OK, as we just posted, we know that Nissan is getting involved in large EV projects in Europe, Israel and Japan. Minoru Shinohara (pictured above with the Pivo 2 concept), senior vice president of the technology development department at Nissan said during the CEATEC Exhibition in Japan that Nissan ...

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    Enter the Rumormill: Next European Fusion to be a real minivan?

    In Europe, Ford sells an oversized Ford Fiesta called the Fusion. Albeit a roomy and compact car, it hasn't set European hearts on fire and its sales figures have been quite low. This car fits into the subcompact minivan market, where it competes with the Opel Meriva, the Fiat Linea/Lancia Musa, ...

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    Th!nk to announce deal with large auto maker next week

    digg_url = ''; Greentech Media reports that Think Global will announce a deal with a large automaker next week concerning the development of a car. At the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco Tuesday, Think chairman ...

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    More wood for the "BMW green brand" rumor fire

    In an interview with Automotive News, BMW sales and marketing director Stefan Krause says "we cannot take the blue out of BMW and change it to green. ...Maybe we could add a fourth brand." The Automotive News article is called BMW: We may need a 'green' brand (Subscription required). Reuters says ...

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    GM and Toyota to make a hybrid together?

    There was a rumor at the 2007 LA Auto Show that there will be hybrid version of the 2009 Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix. The Pontiac Vibe is a product of NUMMI, New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc., a joint venture between GM and Toyota. So, if the rumor is true, GM and Toyota are working on a ...

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    Rumor: Chinese automaker FAW to release hybrid based on Mazda 6

    FAW, a Chinese automaker that builds and sells the Prius in China, may release a hybrid Besturn sedan (Bentung is based on the Mazda 6) at a cost of 250,000rmb (33,532.75 US dollars). Recently, we told you about another Chinese car maker showing off a hybrid and how China is making bold moves to ...

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    Spy shots: 13-foot long Mini SUV! Has BMW gone mad?

    We noticed the Mini was getting a little bigger but we never expected this. Car Magazine has several spy photos of a Mini 4X4 SUV - well, a "lifestyle 4x4" SAV, which means sports activity vehicle, is what the marketing department is going with to hide the fact they are butchering the star brand of ...

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    Rumor dreams: Lexus making luxury, hybrid supermini?

    The BMW Mini and, more recently, the new Fiat 500 are both drool-worthy, luxury superminis. It seems Toyota's luxury brand, Lexus, has caught small-car envy from BMW and Fiat: Lexus is rumored to be working on a small, luxury car based on the Toyota Auris platform. The rumor also says the mini ...

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    Reports say Porsche buying majority stake in VW

    Reports are circulating that Porsche is trying to buy Volkswagen. Porsche took 30 percent ownership of VW in March. A takeover offer was made then but less than 1 percent of VW shareholders accepted the offer. I mean, come on! Talk about a clash of cultures.Porsche makes sports cars. VW does carbon ...


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