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    Saft kick starts lithium-ion battery production at Florida facility

    Last Friday, $95.5 million in stimulus money from the U.S. Department of Energy helped open Saft's 16th facility worldwide. This factory, referred to by Saft as the world's most advanced automated lithium-ion battery site, is located in Jacksonville, FL. The Saft factory, a $200-million, ...

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    Official: Johnson Controls and Saft agree to terminate lithium-ion joint venture

    Last week, Johnson Controls and Saft announced that they have agreed to dissolve their joint lithium-ion motive battery joint venture that they formed back 2006. The parties' agreement to terminate their tie up will put an end to legal proceedings between the two firms. Under the terms of the ...

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    Johnson Controls takes legal action to end battery joint venture with Saft

    On Wednesday, Johnson Controls (JC) took legal action in the Delaware Chancery Court to dissolve the Johnson Controls-Saft joint venture. Formed back in 2006, JC's joint venture with Saft focuses solely on developing and manufacturing lithium-ion motive battery solutions. Alex Molinaroli, ...

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    Saft supplying five Formula 1 KERS cars with VL li-ion batteries [w/video]

    Saft has revealed that it will supply its "state-of-the-art" batteries based on its VL lithium-ion cells to five of the 12 Formula 1 (F1) teams competing this season, including Ferrari and Lotus Renault GP. The batteries are a vital part of the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) that is being ...

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    Peugeot to launch electric e-Vivacity scooter

    Electric scooters are a portion of the two-wheeled market that's starting to heat up and French manufacturer Peugeot is looking to re-enter the segment with its battery-powered e-Vivacity. Peugeot's first dive into the electric scooter market took place back in 1996 with the Scoot'elec. Unlike ...

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    Saft unveils li-ion battery system designed for stealthy military ops

    We'd venture a guess that a significant percentage of military operations require some sort of stealth and believe that real-world offensives probably bare little resemblance to those made-for-TV shoot -'em-ups that many of us watch on a regular basis. With that in mind, Saft's recent unveiling ...

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    A Voltron for lithium batteries? 14 companies, Argonne National Lab join forces

    Perhaps a flock-like approach to building lithium batteries for vehicles is what it'll take. A new alliance has been formed between the Argonne National Laboratory and 14 US companies to try and "perfect" li-ion batteries for cars, the lab announced this week. The alliance, called The National ...

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    Wisconsin gives Johnson Controls-Saft $500,000 for hybrid battery tech

    The State of Wisconsin will give Johnson Controls-Saft a half-million dollar grant to aid in the development of hybrid battery technology, it was announced yesterday. The grant is part of Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle's Clean Energy Wisconsin Plan, and requires Johnson Controls-Saft to invest ...

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    Ford picks Johnson Controls-Saft to supply batteries for PHEV Escapes

    When Ford handed over the keys to a plug-in Escape hybrid to Southern California Edison last December, one of many secrets the companies kept to themselves was which battery maker was responsible for the lithium-ion batteries fulfilling the electric part of the equation. The company has now been ...

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    Johnson Controls and Saft to build lithium ion battery plant in France

    Johnson Controls and Saft have a partnership to produce lithium ion batteries for automotive applications. Among other projects they are one of the two suppliers chosen for GM's Saturn Vue plug-in hybrid program. Saft has also provided lithium ion battery packs for concept vehicles such as the ...

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    Boeing and other partners create the first hydrogen fuel cell powered airplane

    Boeing is getting an early start on what it sees as a possible emerging market, that of hydrogen fuel cell powered electric airplanes. They have created an electric airplane which generates its electricity from a fuel cell. The machine is a standard propeller driven plane with a 53.5 foot ...

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    Big 3 boost JCI's li-ion battery project

    In January, Johnson Controls Inc (JCI) and Saft Advanced Power Solutions, a Paris-based battery company, combined efforts in a joint venture (JCS) to further the development of lithium-ion batteries for vehicle applications. Last month, the U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium, an umbrella organization ...


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