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    Smart offers $75 lease deal to Car2go users in San Diego
    That's For The Pure Model; The Passion Is A Whopping $99 A Month 1418259360

    If you've been saving money by sharing a car instead of buying your own, then maybe you have enough left over to go lease one. Because if there's anything that sharing a car should teach you, it's to want your own, right? We're confused, too. Whatever the reasoning, Car2go users in San Diego are ...

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    Official: Car2go brings incentives to charging in San Diego
    Park Your EV Downtown, Get Free Minutes 1414094460

    Plugging in a vehicle to get power makes sense when that vehicle is owned by one person or family and – like most of the cars on the planet – sits still for most of the day. But when you're trying to share an EV, or a few hundred of them, charging time becomes doubly important. You ...

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    Report: When your Tesla Model S gets stolen, fire up the app [w/video]

    It's a nightmare for anyone who loves their car: you return to your parking spot, only to find it empty. You flash the lights or honk the horn with your key fob just to make sure you didn't forget where you parked, but nothing happens. What do you do? If you're a Tesla Model S owner, you get out ...

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    Official: Kroger will add 225 ECOtality stations in western US

    Kroger, whose supermarket chains include Ralph's and Food 4 Less, will add more than 225 Ecotality charging stations at stores throughout the western US to bring its total to almost 300. Ecotality makes plug-in vehicle charging stations under the Blink brand name, which some EV drivers have had ...

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    Official: San Diego company adding 19 E85 pumps at California stations

    Count Pearson Fuels, and the state of California for that matter, is among proponents of boosting ethanol content in light-duty vehicle fuel. San Diego-based Person received a $1.35-million grant to add pumps that distribute fuel with an 85-percent ethanol mix – i.e. E85 – at 19 new ...

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    Report: MT attempts no-recharge LA-to-Las Vegas drive in Tesla Model S

    Some would say these Motor Trend editors hit the jackpot before and after they hit Vegas. With a three-day loan of a Tesla Model S, the magazine's editors were given the opportunity to drive from Los Angeles to San Diego, then later do a round trip from the LA area to Las Vegas and back. The ...

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    Report: Class-action settlement over Honda Civic Hybrid mileage claims approved

    A class-action lawsuit between American Honda Motor Co. and plaintiffs who claimed the Japanese automaker overstated fuel-economy figures on Honda Civic Hybrids has been approved by a San Diego Superior Court Judge. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the lawsuit involves about 460,000 ...

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    Official: Car2go scoops up 6,000 electric car sharers in San Diego in first 100 days

    For some people, buying an electric car is a long-time dream. For others, the excitement comes simply from driving one and not having to worry about the hassles of vehicle ownership. Turns out, there are at least 6,000 such people in San Diego, CA, where Daimler's easy-access car-sharing program, ...

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    Car2go comes to Vienna, electric car sharing starts in San Diego

    Daimler's doing its level best to give a lot of people the chance to drive a Smart Fortwo. The ity car is the star of the company's car-sharing program called Car2go, which is expanding into Vienna this December and will, for the first time in the U.S., go all-electric in San Diego, CA this ...

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    In depth: Car2go goes electric in San Diego

    When you're trying to reconfigure how people think about urban car "ownership" – by which we mean stripping out the ownership part and replacing it with the idea of having access to a car whenever you need one – the powertrain isn't really the most important part of the picture. This ...

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    Nissan's 2010 electric car in U.S. will be price-competitive with Camry, batteries included

    If you happen to be in San Diego this afternoon you may get a chance to view what Nissan 's director of product planning and strategy, Mark Perry, is calling "a true market introduction" of the electric car that the company will offer for sale in America next year. It won't actually look like the ...

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    San Diego working on robot buses for mass transit

    One reason highway traffic is so bad in some parts of the country, and the world for that matter, is because there aren't any good choices for mass-transit. If consumers don't have any good reason to choose riding a bus over taking a car, history has shown that they're just not gonna do it. ...

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    It was only a matter of time: electric boats

    Following the attention electric cars recently received from the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car?", here's news of a plan to build an electric fishing/pleasure boat. Three San Diego-based entrepreneurs with different backgrounds but who enjoy fishing want to bring a 42-foot eco-friendly boat to ...

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    Biodiesel production facility may come to California's Central Valley

    San Diego (home of the multi-fuel pump and the 300 mpg prototype) could soon be the home of a B100 biodiesel production facility. The Board of Vision Energy Group, Inc. has requested a financial feasibility study on the facility, which would be able to produce 7 million gallons a year in the ...


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