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    Report: San Francisco Bay Area will get e-bike sharing program

    For anyone looking to find out if an electric-powered bike can make it up Telegraph Hill's Filbert Street in San Francisco, you'll soon get your chance. The San Francisco Bay Area will be the site of an electric-bike sharing program designed to replace car trips in and around San Francisco and ...

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    Official: Plug In America plans educational webinar for prospective EV owners

    San Francisco-based electric vehicle advocacy group Plug In America is planning a one-hour webinar later this month that the group says will answer many questions both electric-drive car owners and novices have about plug-in vehicles. Plug In America will cover subjects such as vehicle ...

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    Official: Zimride's public route offerings expand to Lake Tahoe for social car-sharers

    Sharing a car with a stranger is nothing new, as any "slug" in the D.C. area can tell you. For the past four years, Zimride has been working to update the sort of semi-official, ad-hoc "instant carpooler" that's common around D.C. into an internet-based social ridesharing program that works in ...

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    Video: Green Overdrive tries the 2012 Mitsubishi i in San Francisco

    While we've already driven the 2012 Mitsubishi i and shared both its vital statistics and our impressions, we thought you might appreciate a second opinion. The video series Green Overdrive offers just that. With Katie Fehrenbacher behind the wheel, the crew spent a day with the all-electric, ...

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    Hertz on Demand teams with Marriot to offer electric vehicles in SF

    Hertz is turning over a new Leaf (or ten, to be exact) by expanding its Marriot Hotel rental fleet in San Francisco, CA to include electric vehicles. The rental agency is adding ten Leafs and some Smart Fortwo Electric Drive vehicles to its sort of Zipcar-ish Hertz on Demand fleet in San ...

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    28 plug-in hybrid Ram 1500s go to San Francisco, Sacramento

    On August 2, Chrysler handed over the keys to 14 plug-in hybrid Dodge Ram 1500 to the city of San Francisco as part of a three-year evaluation program. Fourteen also went to Sacramento. The cities will evaluate the vehicles by driving them and regularly reporting all driving and charging ...

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    VIDEO: Lit Motors looks to light up electric vehicle market with cargo scooter

    Electric bicycles and scooters are expected to be a huge part of the future mobility picture and Lit Motors aims to be in the frame, beginning with a folding cargo scooter that we've got to say is pretty darn cool. Perhaps even more cool is the C1, a self-balancing enclosed motorcycle they are ...

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    Coulomb installs first PayPass-capable charger in San Francisco

    Early last week, Coulomb Technologies unveiled its first installation of an electric-vehicle charging station in the Washington, D.C area. This unit, located at the Franklin D. Reeves Center in the northwest section of the city, is one of many that Coulomb plans to install in the nation's capital. ...

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    SF Bay Area receives $5M grant to fund installation of 5,000-plus chargers

    As the U.S. readies for an expected onslaught of electric vehicles (EVs), the San Francisco Bay Area is quickly becoming one of the regions that's particularly well-prepared for EVs. In late 2008, mayors from the Bay Area joined together to approve a multi-billion dollar plan that would eventually ...

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    San Francisco vs. Portland in an Electric Car Race of a different sort [w/VIDEO]

    Electric vehicles in San Francisco vs. Portland - Click above to watch the video after the break
    While the Auto X Prize is working on making an actual clean vehicle race take place in the U.S. sometime soon, Gas 2.0 is putting together a "race" between U.S. cities to see which of them can get an ...

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    Hybrid hacks are a hit in San Francisco

    Creative Commons by Ian Fuller
    While the use of hybrids as taxis has met with mixed reviews in New York, they seem to be something of a hit in San Francisco. Its first 15 Ford Escape hybrids have all clocked about 300,000 miles on their odometers which, in the City by the Bay, means they must be ...

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    San Francisco puts electric car charger in front of City Hall, ZipCar gets its frist PHEV

    The city of San Francisco took another step into electric vehicle territory by installing "Smartlet" electric vehicle charging stations outside of City Hall today. The Smartlets are on loan from Coulomb Technologies and will be used to charge up cars from ZipCar, City CarShare and "a plug-in car in ...

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    San Francisco could soon be first US city with a congestion charge

    The city by the bay could soon be the first American city to get a congestion charge, and if current plans go forward it will be complex. San Francisco is currently debating a plan that would charge motorists not only for entering the congestion zone, but also for leaving it. The charges would also ...

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    Better Place to setup shop in San Francisco Bay area

    This week in San Francisco, Better Place founder Shai Agassi and the mayors of San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland announced the launch of an electric vehicle charging system in the Bay Area. An investment of $1 billion will be needed to install a network of public charging stations throughout the ...

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    VIDEO: San Francisco mayor in talks with Project Better Place

    We've told you all about Shai Agassi's (above left) ambitious Project Better Place and how PBP has plans to create a charging and battery-swapping infrastructure to support fleets of electric cars in Israel, Denmark and possibly Japan. We've also noted not only PBP's deals with Renault to be the ...

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    San Francisco helps you hire a hybrid

    Have you been planning on flying into San Francisco and renting a car to get around? The folks down at city hall would prefer that your rental be a hybrid and they are willing to help you pay for it. The free money for making a more environmentally-friendly car rental choice will come in the form ...

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    smart may force cities to reconsider parking laws

    The smart limited two, unveiled in Geneva.One reason that micro-vehicles like the smart exist is so that they can cut down on congestion. There is only so much space available in big urban areas, and parking spots are often hard to come by. So, to pack more vehicles in the same amount of parking ...

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    NY Times: San Franciciso city government wants your used vegetable oil to power its fleet of cars

    As a blogger for AutoblogGreen, I read about waste vegetable oil used as a car fuel daily but I have to admit to a "WTF?" moment when reading about details of what fuels were used by San Francisco's new fully biodiesel-capable fleet. According to the New York Times, the fleet uses virgin soy from ...

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    All 1,500 San Francisco city-owned diesel vehicles ready to run on biodiesel

    We told you San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order in May 2006 calling for all diesel-powered city-owned vehicles to run on biodiesel by the end of 2007 and we told you recently it was almost complete. With a month to spare, this week the administration announced the goal has ...

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    Transbay Terminal is set to reinvigorate mass transit in San Francisco

    I've been to San Francisco and when I was there I never drove a car. I did take a few taxi rides and got on the trolley because, you know, how could you not after seeing all of the Rice-a-Roni commercials. I never encountered the Transbay bus terminal, though. From the sounds of it, I was not ...


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