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    Breaking: Lexus saves Christmas with its Flying Luxury Cruiser

    Lexus just announced a previously unheard of – and unthinkable – achievement by an automaker, or any other company for that matter: saving Christmas from being ruined for all the good boys and girls! According to Lexus, Santa's reindeers bailed out on him to vacation in Hawaii ...

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    Wired tells us what to do with leftover Christmas trash

    Holiday season is upon us, and while most of our readers are likely in the process of checking out all the cool new stuff that was deposited under the big tree in their living room, a few interesting questions arise once it's all done and over with. For instance, what are you going to do with ...

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    It's Friday: GE's experimental sleigh seeks to make reindeer obsolete

    Might Santa's traditional Rudolf the Reindeer-led sleigh be sent off into the oblivion of obsolescence? Could be, if General Electric has anything to say about it. The huge corporation has designed a new conveyance for the red-cloaked and bearded gift giver, and it's green. Well, it's red, ...

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    Santa drives a GEM

    Photo by krisdecurtis. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.
    While NORAD tracks Santa across the sky tonight, they missed his appearance at the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley in Los Angeles last night. Santa was on hand with a GEM electric vehicle and passed out toys, gave ...

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    Child asks Santa for gas-free cars

    This particular blogger doesn't have any children, unless you count two dobermans and a chihuahua. Regardless, I always find that it's fun to give kids a listening ear and hear what they have to say. It's oftentimes rather surprising just how tuned in to the world they can be. Need proof? Jennifer ...

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    Santa changes his reindeers for a BMW 1-Series coupe

    Christmas is coming and Christmas-based sales campaigns are here. While some might argue (and I agree) that reindeers are, by far, a greener mode of transportation than cars, BMW has decided to use a 1-Series coupé to power Santa's Saint Nikolaus's sled, which is, at least, better than an ...


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