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    Report: Brazilian experts call anti-ethanol study "misleading"

    Arguing over the pros and cons of using ethanol as a transportation fuel isn't just an American thing. The Brazilians are going at it, too. We will translate. A recent report from Nature Geoscience suggested that using more ethanol in light-duty vehicle transportation increases local smog ...

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    Sao Paulo public transit to add 50 Scania ethanol-fueled buses to fleet

    Come next May, the public transit system in Sao Paulo, Brazil will be a bit greener thanks to the addition of 50 Scania buses designed to run on pure ethanol. The people haulers are part of the first wave of an initial fleet of 200 ethanol-fueled buses. Sao Paulo operates more than 15,000 public ...

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    Fiat shows off new Mio concept car at Sao Paulo auto show

    Fiat Mio Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    What would you do if given the chance to collaborate with a car manufacturer to design a car where you're free to express your ideas on features, materials and even where to manufacture your vision? This is how the Fiat Mio – a ...

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    Ethanol Summit 2009 finds consensus on ethanol certification

    The Brazilian city of São Paulo hosted this year's edition of the Ethanol Summit. Opened by former President Clinton, one of the main issues this year was how to certify sustainable ethanol. You know the story: The EU wants to burn more ethanol in order to curb greenhouse emissions and is ...

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    Another eco option for Brazilians: CitroŽn Xsara Picasso Eco

    It seems that it's not just Europeans who are getting green (or blue) labels for virtually every model of the road. We recently reported that Volkswagen has taken the BlueMotion badge to Brazil and that the Smart fortwo is being put on sale there. Well, it looks like Citroën has had the same ...

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    Brazil to experiment with hydrogen

    Brazil, the world's largest ethanol producer, announced it will be conducting two projects investigating the use of hydrogen as a fuel for buses. The first will be to implement a test fleet of 5 buses in Sao Paulo that run on hydrogen fuel cells. After the four-year experiment, assuming the ...


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