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    Study: Relax, electric-drive vehicles play nice with pacemakers, defibrillators

    For out there who's freaked out that the electromagnetic waves from a hybrid or plug-in vehicle will throw off pacemakers and cause heart attacks, go ahead and breathe easy: that ain't gonna happen. No less of an authority than the Mayo Clinic took it upon itself to test whether pacemakers or ...

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    Video: Toyota Prius V lamely says 'mass matters' with How Stuff Works commercials

    Hey there science fans! Want to learn more about the nature of the universe and its elements, and find out what's cool about the new Toyota Prius V hatchback hybrid? Then we've got three science lab commercials for you... In the first episode, "Science on the Go: Mass Matters," Ben Bowlin from ...

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    Report: Toshiba working with automakers on lithium ion batteries

    Toshiba is no stranger to the consumer electronics battery business, but now, like so many other companies, it wants a piece of the burgeoning automotive market. Ryuichi Nakata, head of Toshiba's grid and battery unit, announced that the company is collaborating with several unidentified ...

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    Science study disproving Global Warming found to have errors

    RealClimate reports on a comment posted in Science recently, pointing out that a study which criticized the ability of a specific climate simulation to accurately predict Northern Hemisphere temperatures was based on an incorrect implementation of the methodology. While the article might be a bit ...


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