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    Two Wheels: Fido electric scooter is fetching, faithful to simplicity formula

    Hot diggity dog, Fido is back! The people that brought us that bare bones electric scooter we found so fetching a few years back have resurfaced across the country in Kalamazoo, MI and will start sinking their canines into the business of building bikes, just as soon as they recover from jet ...

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    Video: Maine politician uses 'Chinese version' Segway to meet voters
    The Freego Cuts Walking Time To A Minimum, Doesn't Pollute 1404327600

    Maine freshman state Rep. Brian Mannal, a Democrat from Barnstable, knows how to make an entrance: by Segway. Okay, fine, his vehicle of choice when going door-to-door as part of his re-election campaign isn't technically a Segway but the "Chinese version" of the self-balancing, two-wheeled ...

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    Two Wheels: Vectrix electric scooter company goes bankrupt, again

    Let's just say Vectrix has filed for bankruptcy one time for each wheel on its battery-electric scooters. This time, though, it's Chapter 7, Boston Business Journal reports, citing bankruptcy court filings. Since that usually involves liquidation, it's safe to say that the company's number is ...

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    Official: BMW will start selling C Evolution electric-scooter in Europe next year

    BMW has given Americans yet another reason to be jealous of those on the other side of the Pond, as the German automaker released details on the electric scooter its Motorrad division will start selling in Europe next year. And this looks to be one fun ride, as Bimmer says the scooter will have ...

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    Report: E-scooter, motorcycle sales will dwarf plug-in cars' by end of decade

    Plug-in cars may be a lot larger than electric scooters and e-motorcycles, but when it comes to numbers sold, two-wheelers will outnumber four-wheelers by a huge margin by the decade's end, Pike Research says. It's a global trend that will be led by big organizations. Demand from fleet operators ...

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    Report: Hopper launches electric-scooter taxi service in Amsterdam

    The oh-so-carefree city of Amsterdam is making a push for better transportation with fewer emissions by launching an electric-scooter taxi service called Hopper. Customers can order the service via telelphone, smartphone app or, if lucky, hail one down on the streets of the city. Either way, the ...

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    Report: BMW set to rejuvenate scooter business

    Do you remember the BMW C1? The funky scooter from the German automaker has become something of a two-wheeled cult classic. The scooter made either 15 or 18 horsepower, depending on which model you got. But the most notable thing about the C1 was its futuristic windshield/roof combination and its ...

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    Two Wheels: BMW C Evolution e-scooter prototypes out testing

    BMW's Motorrad division has started testing a "near-production prototype" of its battery-electric scooter in Europe. There are five prototypes of the C Evolution scooter in the field and BMW will rotate them through various European cities. BMW has yet to release details on when the scooter will ...

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    Two Wheels: Smart bringing electric scooter to U.S. in 2014, will be part of Car2go

    In a blink-and-you'd-miss-it announcement during an event in Berlin, the head of marketing and sales for Smart, Martin Hülder, told us that the third model in the Smart e-Mobility range – after the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive and eBike – will be the Smart electric scooter (or ...

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    Video: Renault plugs Twizy EVs into Eiffel Tower, raves it up

    If you've been slacking on your doctor-recommended dose of electronic beats and French weirdness, Renault has you covered. The company has turned out a new video for its Twizy pod car featuring a gaggle of youth prowling Parisian streets in the early hours of the morning. The fleet of ...

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    Official: Smart electric scooter going on sale in 2014

    The ForTwo company is giving us two ForOnes. After releasing details on its ebike, Daimler's Smart division has announced it will start selling a battery-electric scooter in 2014. Smart first unveiled the escooter along side its electric-powered bike at the Paris Motor Show in September 2010 ...

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    Two Wheels: SF Bay Area e-scooter sharing service starts beta tests

    A San Francisco-based electric-scooter-sharing service has started beta testing, with plans to launch its service to the public next year, GigaOm reports. ScootNetworks will let subscribers rent battery-electric scooters out by the minute our hour by "unlocking" them with their iPhone devices. ...

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    Video: Domino's Pizza Safe Sound scooter is the funniest thing on two wheels

    We've seen plenty of discussion on the merits of pedestrian warning systems for hybrid and all-electric vehicles. From synthesized engine sounds to the noise of George Jetson's flying car, automakers and the aftermarket industry have worked to come up with a way to keep people aware of a ...

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    Stylish T20 bamboo scooter hides its electric side

    If you thought electric scooters were just for little tots or adults who don't realize how unhip they look on a kid-sized Razor, well, then you've yet to feast your eyes on the ultra-modern T20 electric scooter designed by French firm Fritsch-Durisotti. Frenchman Antoine Fritsch has managed to ...

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    Two Wheels: Meet the 110-mile electric E-Schwalbe scooter

    Looking for a classically styled electric scooter for commuting duties? Well, then the zero-emissions E-Schwalbe two-wheeler might be just what the doctor ordered. The E-Schwalbe's retro styling is straight from the 1950s, but it's a thoroughly modern two-wheeler with some rather impressive ...

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    Honda reveals 25% more fuel-efficient 125-cc engine for next-gen scooters

    Scooter, especially ones manufactured by Honda, are fuel-sipping forms of personal transportation. Soon, with Honda's next-generation 125-cc gasoline engine, scooters will be even more efficient. Honda has revealed its next-gen 125-cc scooter engine that's a whopping 25 percent more fuel ...

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    Report: Czech electric scooter sets 24-hour distance record at 706 miles

    Czech scooter manufacturer Akumoto and electricity generation conglomerate ČEZ have teamed up in attempt to set a world record for the longest distance covered by an electric scooter in 24 hours. The record-setting attempt ended Tuesday with the non-modified Akumoto electric scooter clocking ...

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    Honda's EV-neo electric scooter to make its European debut in July

    While Honda's EV-neo has been available in Japan since last year, the rest of the world had to make do without them. That will change next month in Europe, as Honda will be unveiling the little electric in Barcelona. That's a good choice, considering 30 percent of all vehicles there are ...

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    Infographic: Scooters save you thousands of dollars

    Did you know that driving scooters – even if only occasionally – can substantially reduce carbon emissions and save stunning amounts of gasoline? For example, if U.S. cities were redesigned to be more scooter friendly, gas consumption in the States could drop by nearly four billion ...

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    Scooter sales up 50% in U.S. in first quarter of 2011

    USA Today reports that sales of gasoline-fueled scooters in the U.S. were up by nearly 50 percent in the first quarter of 2011, compared to the same four-month period in 2010, according to information obtained from the Motorcycle Industry Council. Ty van Hooydonk, a spokesman for the ...


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