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    Opinion: Analyst looks at electric vehicles and fuel cells, predicts EVs will win

    Despite the fact that they are both zero-emission vehicle technologies that can be powered by renewable energy, there's no question that advocates of plug-in electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are sometimes at odds with each other. So, it's nice when we get a somewhat neutral ...

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    Coal to liquid is a possibly hot new alternative fuel investment

    SeekingAlpha investment advisor Charles Morand is maybe, possibly thinking about betting on synfuels, specifically coal-to-liquid (CTL) synfuels made by Headwaters, Syntroleum Corp, Sasol and Rentec. He has a rundown of each company on this page. While the headline reads "Four Stocks to Watch," ...

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    Ethanol investments lacking long-term growth potential

    There are various reasons different people invest in stocks, and one avenue is to be a "Growth Investor", someone who likes to see companies grow by "1. The ability to grow turnover (sales generated by each unit of operating assets)2. The ability to earn excess economic profits." (taken from ...

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    Excess heat from coal plants used in ethanol production

    Yesterday's Seeking Alpha makes a brief mention of ethanol producers, starting with Blue Flint Ethanol, that use excess heat from coal-fired energy plants to power their production facilities. Seeking Alpha is a stock watch site and likes the process because the low prices for using the coal-fired ...

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    Pacific Ethanol stocks sale could be signs of trouble ahead

    Pacific Ethanol, a company we're mentioned before because they're building giant ethanol plants around the western side of the United States, sold on Friday five and a half million shares of its stock to private investors for about $5 less each than the $31.52 stocks were valued at Thursday. The ...


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