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    Video: Maine politician uses 'Chinese version' Segway to meet voters
    The Freego Cuts Walking Time To A Minimum, Doesn't Pollute 1404327600

    Maine freshman state Rep. Brian Mannal, a Democrat from Barnstable, knows how to make an entrance: by Segway. Okay, fine, his vehicle of choice when going door-to-door as part of his re-election campaign isn't technically a Segway but the "Chinese version" of the self-balancing, two-wheeled ...

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    Official: Toyota begins testing Segway-like Winglet in Japan [w/video]

    Toyota has just now started testing a two-wheeled Segway-like vehicle that it first trumpeted almost five years ago, but when the vehicle in question tops out at less then four miles per hour, these things do take time. Toyota's Winglet, which the Japanese automaker first announced to the world ...

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    Report: Court Verdict: Segway still banned at Disneyland

    Yes, things are getting worse for Segway. In 2010, the electric scooter was named one of the 50 worst inventions of all time. Later that year, the CEO of the UK sales company, Hesco Bastion, died piloting his Segway off a cliff and into a river. Now, Disneyland says that it's too dangerous to ...

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    Official: Honda finds a way to make the Segway look elegant [w/video]

    Honda is jumping into the personal-mobility vehicle market associated with the Segway, and the Japanese automaker even has a cute name for the device. Honda will start demonstration tests for its UNI-CUB vehicle in June of 2012 with Japan's National Museum of Emerging Science and ...

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    TIME magazine posts 50 worst inventions of all time: includes Segway, flying car, leaded gas and more

    We'll admit, the Segway may not be the one of the most well-thought-out products of all time, but it serves its purpose for those that like to draw attention at California beaches or those who just need to scoot around in New York City without moving their legs. So it comes as quite a surprise that ...

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    VIDEO: Motocrossing a Segway with James "Bubba" Stewart

    Segway Supercross with James "Bubba" Stewart - Click above to watch the video after the break
    Now, to answer what we're sure is a burning question on the minds of all of our readers... yes, it is possible to ride a Segway on a supercross track. Well, it's a burning question if you happen to be AMA ...

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    Legway - DIY human-powered Segway

    Legway Steampunk Segway - Click above for a gallery
    Sure, the Segway Personal Transporter is cool and all, with its self-balancing technology and lack of emissions from the vehicle, but is there a way to make it greener? At least one enterprising inventor thinks so, and by subtracting the electric ...

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    GM and Segway working on new balancing 2-wheeler?

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the GM/Segway Project P.U.M.A.
    Please hold a moment while we check our calendars. Nope, it's definitely not April 1st. That must mean the stories circulating the internet tonight of a GM tie-up with Segway must be true. The Personal Urban Mobility and ...

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    Segway on its last legs?

    The Segway may be many things, but a sales success it is not. When the little machine was first announced, its inventor, Dean Kamen, proclaimed that it would relegate the car to horse and buggy status. Reality hasn't been quite so kind, and its future looks to be in question as Kamen is ...

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    Dean Kamen going mad in seclusion?

    Dean Kamen and his inventions are often mentioned on these here pages, probably most often for the creation he is arguably best known for, the Segway. More recently, the inventor has begun tackling vehicles with twice the number of wheels. Using a Stirling external combustion engine to help ...

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    Wozniak carries two Segways in the back of his Toyota Prius

    Click above for more images of the Saturn Flextreme conceptApple co-founder Steve "the Woz" Wozniak loves his Segway. In fact, that should be plural, as he has multiple self-balancing two-wheelers. He also likes his hybrid Toyota Prius, enough to test its 104 mph top speed on multiple occasions. ...

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    What I did on my summer staycation!

    Every year after the summer break, the first assignment given in English class seems to always be a short essay entitled "What I did on my summer vacation." Well, maybe not this year. Instead of enthralling classmates with tales of visiting some far off exotic destinations and engaging in cooler ...

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    Surprise: Segway loses to parked car in crash testing

    Click above to watch a video of the crash-test digg_url = ''; German authorities have crash-tested the Segway and found that it's unsafe. Well, unsafe when running head-first into a parked car at nearly ten miles ...

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    VIDEO: Look out Segway, Toyota introduces the Winglet!

    In a move that's sure to knock the Segway world off balance, Toyota has introduced its new "personal transport assistance robot" called the Winglet. Actually, there's three of them. One with a tall handle that could be seen as more practical and two other sportier models featuring supports gripped ...

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    Bob Lutz finds out first-hand what happens when you run out of juice

    Click on the image above for more shots of Lutz and the VectrixBob Lutz, GM's formost Volt-pusher, loves himself some electric vehicles. As the owner of four (that's right... dude's got four!) Segways and a Vectrix Scooter, he's surely gotten used to the charging ritual. Still, accidents happen, ...

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    Chinese S.W.A.T. team rides Segways into the line of fire

    digg_url = ''; A counter-terrorist exercise known as "Taishan 2008," took place yesterday in Jinan, Shandong Province, China. Among other things, the forces used Segways for transportation. As we've reported in the past, the Segway ...

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    A human powered one-wheeled Segway?

    Say what you will about the Segway, but perhaps it was a vehicle just a bit ahead of its time. Consider its record sales in the face of record high gasoline prices as proof positive that consumers are looking for ways to get around without using fossil fuels pumped into tanks. There is certainly ...

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    $4 gas drives Segway sales to new high

    Record prices for gasoline are driving people in need of transportation to look at all kinds of alternatives. Used small cars from the early '90s are attracting record high prices (ahem), and more people are investigating scooters, mopeds and motorcycles. One company that has seen a huge spike in ...

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    Watch "10mph (Segway Across America)" for free for a limited time

    If you've ever spent any amount of time in an office cubicle, you know people will do just about anything, including chewing off their own paw foot to escape. Thankfully, the measures taken by the guys featured in the film, 10 mph (Segway Across America) weren't quite that drastic. Or were they? ...

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    VIDEO: ReD DynaMix innovates with Segway

    Perhaps it has something to do with the freezing temperatures and living in igloos for 8 months of the year but the Canadians who have gathered themselves under the moniker of ReD DynaMix really have a thing for Segway hacking. Being the distributors for the two-wheeled gyromatic gives ...


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